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Sawasdii Kha, my name is Bowie. I am Thai. I am currently working at a university in Thailand. I have enjoyably experienced in teaching languages in universities and schools in Thailand. I have a certificate in teaching Thai and I also practice singing and dancing in Thai traditions in a Thai cultural club with will be very beneficial for my students to learn the language and its culture. So my online class will be very fun and useful for my students as I am really willing to share my knowledge which they can apply according to their purposes. Me as a Teacher

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Speak like a Thai
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Basic Thai language for Beginners
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Reading and Writing in Thai
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Survivor Thai Plus+ (Short course)
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Thai Connections: Building Relationships and Life in Thailand
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Student Karen
61 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy lessons with Bowie - she is very patient, especially when I'm still learning how to read the words and sentences. She also find ways to make the language more relevant and applicable to me by giving examples that I can use in my normal interaction. She also introduces the culture aspect which makes the lesson interesting.
Mar 16, 2024
Student Jamie Covell London
Jamie Covell London
12 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
More lessons I have with Bowie, the better they get. I always look forward to our hour lesson each week. I’m learning more and more each week due to the way in which Bowie teaches. Fun, practical and simply sensational. I’m so glad I’m on this journey of learning Thai with Bowie. She is a legend 🙌🏻
Apr 3, 2022
Student Pascale
87 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am feeling a lot more confident to create my own sentences when talking. Bowie is really encouraging with her questions and I feel excited to try and speak, regardless of the topic :) It was really fun because I initiated some easy topics today and Bowie really helped me with my vocabulary while I was speaking :) We continued on with Unwritten ะ and I found it very easy to follow along and read our sentences :) We continued with this depending on the consonants written - Bowie explained that it can change the tone of the word. She explained it so effortlessly that I was surprised at how quickly I picked it up :) We went through multiple examples which I always appreciate too! She wrote the sentence: ฉัน จะ คอย สนับสนุน คุณ ตลอด (I will always support you) and honestly, there's no truer words :) Bowie will always support you with every word, tone and sentence you are making :) I am so thankful to have you as my teacher ^^ ขอบคุฌนากนะคะ <3
Sep 1, 2021
Student Pei ペイ
Pei ペイ
2 Thai lessons
Today we learned some numbers, and how to ask for prices. I struggle with certain tones, but teacher Bowie is very patient with me.
Jun 15, 2024
Student Cory Jantaworn
Cory Jantaworn
7 Thai lessons
The best
Jun 13, 2024
Student David Gregory
David Gregory
2 Thai lessons
Very good lesson and accommodating
Jun 11, 2024
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