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Hi, I'm Dameon, or you can call me Day. I have been teaching for about fifteen years and have lots of experience teaching all aspects of the English Language, such as grammar, conversation, business English and IELTS. I am confident and have a kind and patient style of teaching. I am passionate, and I'm sure that if you want to improve, I am the teacher for you. I specialise in teaching IELTS. As a former examiner, I'm very familiar with this test, and I'm sure I would be able to help you improve your band score.

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Igor Nikitin
25 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Dameon was helping me to prepare for IELTS and this was the best learning experience I ever had. We both worked hard to improve my Speaking and Writing skills, and I’ve got many useful insights on how to tackle Listening and Reading sections. As the result, after ~20 lessons I increased my band score by 1.5 in each section. I’ve got 7.5 overall band score on my IELTS, although I targeted 6.5 (and in my previous test I got only 6). I would highly recommend Dameon to anyone, even if not for IELTS preparation because of how capable he is as a teacher. Over 9000/10
Dec 11, 2020
21 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Dameon is an amazing English teacher, I had 20 classes with him to improve my IELTS speaking, and I definitely can say he is the best teacher I've known. He has experience in the topic, he helps with the answers giving you tons of examples. He is also a nice and outgoing guy, he is really friendly and make the classes a piece of cake !!!
Dec 11, 2019
21 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you,Dameon. I took an IELTS course in my city and practiced with other teacher online,but you are the best IELTS teacher I've ever met. The explanations are simple to understand. See you next time:)
Sep 4, 2018
6 English lessons
Day’s IELTS speaking lessons are truly helpful and informative, I have had 6 lessons with him. Day helped me practice plenty of part 2 and part 3 questions, and gave me useful advices and certain strategies along the way. I feel like my speaking skills are improving a lot, and I’m also getting more confident and comfortable while I’m speaking English. I would highly recommend Day to those of you who are struggles with IELTS speaking test. He is an excellent teacher!
Feb 20, 2024
1 English lesson
I liked the lesson very much! Dameon is a very patient and approachable teacher, and he explains the material clearly. It was really a pleasure to communicate with him.
Feb 13, 2024
10 English lessons
the teacher is very helpful
Feb 4, 2024
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