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From ItalyLiving in Parma, Italy (20:36 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 20, 2021
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Hello everyone, I'm Andrea, and I'm from the northern region of Italy. I'm a native Italian speaker with a neutral accent. I really enjoy discussing a variety of topics like hobbies, reading, sports, photography, history, and always ready to talk about travelling :D I'm passionate about photography, videography and in my free time, I go out to take pictures as well as i love talking pictures and videos of my trips.

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265 Reviews

Student Lauren Forge
Lauren Forge
28 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve tried multiple teachers on italki & Andrea is by far the best. He speaks flawless English, making it easy to explain Italian. He’s always encouraging and a lovely person overall which makes you look forward to conversing with him. He goes above and beyond, highly highly recommend.
Apr 4, 2024
Student Enrico
65 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had many lessons with Andrea now and every single one has been amazing. I really enjoy learning Italian with Andrea, especially because I can see that he wants me to improve and this motivates me to learn more. On many occasions, I have messaged Andrea with some queries that I had and he responded quickly to help me. Andrea has also supplied me with materials to work on in between lessons which for me has been a good experience because Andrea knows the level I should be working towards. Overall, I have had around 10 lessons with Andrea and I don’t have any problems at all, I love every lesson and he is a fantastic teacher and has made me feel comfortable speaking in Italian.
Oct 18, 2023
Student fineart.katya
48 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had weekly lessons with Andrea for a couple of months now, and my only “complaint” is that the time passes too quickly! Andrea is a master conversationalist and knows how to unpack a little piece of new information into an interesting conversation, steering it from topic to topic. He is very patient and has a very gentle and sincere attitude that puts the student instantly at ease. Andrea is a very curious and open-minded person and is genuinely interested in the topics we are discussing, it never feels like we do it for the sole purpose of “practicing the language”. He does help me to find the right word or a better way of saying something, gives corrections when necessary but it really feels like I am talking to a friend. Especially if you are at a level where you can converse, Andrea’s lessons would be a great addition to your language practice.
Jul 15, 2023
Student HoganMaureen
47 Italian lessons
I am so happy that Andrea is my teacher.
Jul 19, 2024
Student Rita Sorrentino
Rita Sorrentino
103 Italian lessons
As usual un conversation to improve pronunciation, build vocabulary and learn expressions
Jul 15, 2024
Student HoganMaureen
47 Italian lessons
Another great lesson with Andrea.
Jul 12, 2024
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