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Do you want to learn or strengthen your English or Danish skills? Or do you just need some help expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation? Then I'm here for you! I'm from Denmark, living in Turkey and I've been speaking English my entire life. I've also been struggling learning Persian and Turkish - so I know what you are going through! Don't give up. We can do it - you and I! Don't hesitate to text me - see you soon.

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371 Reviews

Student Andrea Toth
Andrea Toth
84 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
En anden rigtig god lektion med Simon. Han er meget tålmodig og forklarer alt omhyggeligt. Han hjælper mig også med udtalen. Jeg forbedrede mig meget siden jeg begyndte at lære med ham. Han er en rigtig god lærer ☺️
Jan 20, 2020
Student Tim
494 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Wow - I thought I'd give an update on my progress, Simon's taught me for the last 10 months. I started with only 10 Danish words, but as of today, I passed the Prover 3 Exam (B2 Danish Exam). This is an achievement, that was only made possible because of Simon's teaching methods. He is an amazing teacher. I cannot wait what I can do in 1 year :D Simon, du er fantastisk! Jeg er meget taknemmelig for din danske undervisning. Hvad jeg har opnået på dansk, ville ikke have været muligt uden dine undervisningsmetoder. Du er virkelig en fantastisk lærer, og jeg håber at kunne fortsætte med dig i de næste 2 - 3 år i det mindste :) Jeg ved, at jeg kan nå C2, fordi du, hvad de kalder et 'sandt talent'. Vi ses snart igen :D :D :D
Oct 27, 2019
Student Adam Car
Adam Car
85 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Simon is great. He is very pleasant to talk to and made me start talking in Danish from the first lesson. Thank you
Jan 3, 2019
Student Aliona Cazacu
Aliona Cazacu
6 Danish lessons
Very professional and serious teacher.
May 17, 2023
Student Amber E
Amber E
5 Danish lessons
Simon is a fantastic teacher! He's very patient and encouraging and balances this with gentle accountability. Can't wait to continue on this journey with him!
Jan 5, 2023
Student Dave Omba
Dave Omba
3 Danish lessons
The first lesson went really well. I got all the answers to my questions plus clear direction, guidance and learning material. I'm looking forward to learn more with Simon.
Aug 8, 2022
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