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Hi everybody, my name is Noriko, I was born and raised in Osaka and I currently live in Germany. I am studying English, German and Italian now. I love cooking, I am especially interested in foreign cuisine, so I am always looking for new recipes. I like traveling as well. 私は日本の大阪で生まれました。 現在はドイツに住んでいます。 現在は英語、ドイツ語そしてイタリア語を勉強しています。 私の趣味は料理で、いつも新しいレシピをインターネットで探して、作っています。 海外旅行も好きです。

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151 Reviews

Szilvia B
26 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Noriko sensei always support my needs, provides good materials during lesson and makes sure that I practice speaking. Her lessons are fun.
Apr 3, 2023
Ziyan Wang
8 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Italkiでレッスンを受けるのは初めてなので、どのように授業を進んでいくのかという不安を抱えながらNoriko先生の授業に参加させていただきました。授業に入ってから、先生から様々なトピックが投げかけられ、楽しい時間を過ごせました。教育者なりに色々と指摘していただき、それと同時に、友達みたいに世間話にも付き合っていただいて、誠にありがとうございました。 Noriko is an excellent teacher! Despite the fact that this is my first time taking lessons through italki, it has been one of the greatest talking lessons I have ever experienced. Noriko is constantly enthusiastic with prepared topics and news in addition to random free-talk questions that are always fun to talk about. Really enjoyed her classes + strongly recommend! 作为老师,Noriko很有耐心,擅长带动话题,会及时更正我的错误并记录下来。作为谈话对象,Noriko十分风趣,对于很多话题都有自己独特的经历与见解。虽然是第一次在italki上课,Noriko让我感觉放松且亲切,对于初级者以及想要练习日常对话(杂谈及新闻话题)的进阶者都是很不错的选择!非常推荐老师的课程以及十分感谢~
Nov 16, 2022
朴イゴリ Igor Pak
142 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sensei always teaches me a lot of useful everyday expressions and lets me practice speaking, as well as prepares interesting and useful material and topics. I am excited for the next class!!
Jan 12, 2022
Thomas O’Neill
23 Japanese lessons
I've been taking Japanese lessons with Noriko for about 9 months and always look forward to our conversations. As well as discussing regular every day topics, Noriko pushes me to discuss things outside of my comfort zone, and as a result my speaking ability has increased greatly. Additionally, through regularly reading the news together, my reading ability has noticeably improved. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Noriko as a teacher.
Sep 8, 2023
5 Japanese lessons
Noriko is one of the best Japanese teachers I've ever had. She has a natural talent for teaching, and the class flows incredibly well. No matter your level, she makes you feel comfortable throughout the lesson. What I appreciate most about learning Japanese with her is how easy yet effective things are, Noriko keeps track of useful vocabulary for you to learn, which she then shares with you. Overall, I would recommend Noriko's lessons to anyone who wants to learn Japanese but feels nervous or insecure about their level. Thanks to her, I've been able to become more confident and improve my speaking skills.
Sep 6, 2023
13 Japanese lessons
I really like the lessons with Noriko Sensei :) I started 3 months ago as a beginner and feel like I improved a lot. During a lesson we usually practice conversations for half of the time and practice grammar in the other half. What I really like is that I can talk with Noriko Sensei about all kinds of intersting topics, like Japanese culture, food, etc., but I can also ask questions in English which is soooo helpful as a beginner. I can fully recommend her :) のりこ先生、ありがとうございます!
Sep 6, 2023
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