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I I have taught over 3,000 lessons via Skype! I can teach students at all levels, provide all the teaching materials for my classes. Let’s have fun studying together! y(^ー^)y 韓国語で会話したい。韓国ドラマを字幕なしで観たい。 韓国に旅行に行って韓国語で現地の人と話したいと思っている方。 しかし時間がなく韓国語学校に通えない。なかなか独学で勉強がはかどらない方。 好きな時間に好きなだけ思う存分italkiで韓国語の授業を受けてみませんか?(^v^) 私は大学で日本語を専攻し、また日本に留学した後、韓国語教員資格2級を取得しています。過去にSkypeで3,000回以上の授業経験実績があります!(≧y≦*) 初歩的なハングルの読み方から難しいとされる発音、中級・高等レベル、またビジネスレベルまで全てのレベルに対応してます。 文法教材は私がご提供します。 一緒に楽しく韓国語の勉強をしてみましょう。y(^ー^)y 한국어 학습자분께서 자신의 한국어 실력에 만족할 때까지 제가 돕겠습니다. 한국어 문법, 말하기, 듣기, 쓰기 등 다양한 방법으로 수업을 준비하고 있습니다. 지금은 스페인에 살고 있습니다. 한국어 공부를 하면서 한국의 문화 그리고 학습자분들께서 원하신다면 유럽의 문화나 다양한 주제의 상식이나 정보를 공유하는 즐거운 수업을 하고 싶습니다.

Korean Lessons

Trial Lesson
128 lessons completed
USD 13.88+
초급 한국어 初級韓国語 beginning level (28min/58min./85min)
A1 -  A2


1,927 lessons completed
USD 15.99+
학생 맞춤 수업
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

420 lessons completed
USD 15.99+
중급 한국어 中級韓国語 intermediate level (28min/58min./85min)
B1 -  B2


271 lessons completed
USD 15.99+
고급한국어 高級韓国語 advanced Korean (28min/58min./85min)
B2 -  C2


88 lessons completed
USD 15.99+
한국어 회화 집중 수업 (28min/58min./85min) (초급, 중급,고급)Intensive Korean conversation classes (a beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

346 lessons completed
USD 15.99+


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113 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
【社会人でも・週1回でも大丈夫!結果につながる授業です!】 ゼロからのスタートで3年で韓国語をマスターすることを目標にminipink先生の授業を受講し始めました。 先生は長期的な計画を立て、さらにTOPIK何級合格など小さな目標も準備してくれました。 3年たった現在では、読み・書き・会話バランスよく韓国語が身につき、仕事でも簡単な報告や相談もできるようになりました。 最近は先生と会話練習をしていますが、会話を通して様々な知識も身につきました。(今回のトピックはストレス発散法。これはとても役に立っています笑) 語学学習において良い先生に会えるかどうかは結果につながる重要なポイントだと思いますが、私はminipink先生を自信を持ってオススメします! [Even once a week, Mrs Minipink’s class makes results! ] I had started taking this class from Hangul characters,and my goals was to master Korean in 3 years. For my goal, she made a long-term plan and also prepared small goals such as passing TOPIK. And now, three years later, I have mastered Korean with a good balance between reading, writing, and speaking, and I am now able to make simple reports and consult at work. Recently, I've been practicing conversations with her. Through conversations, I've gained a lot of knowledge other than Korean. Whenever you learn language it’s important factor to find a good teacher. I definitely recommend Mrs.minipink!!
Jul 2, 2023
61 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you're looking for a friendly & motivating teacher that can adapt your lessons to your specific needs, this is the teacher for you. She has helped me with everything from conversation & speech practice to TOPIK preparations, and thanks to her I was able to get 4급 my first time taking TOPIK. I highly recommend!
Nov 25, 2022
344 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you’re a beginner in Korean, don’t worry that 민경 can’t speak much English! She will explain everything to you (with examples) until you understand. She will give you lots of resources to study with before your lesson so you can practice alone and ask her any questions you have during the lesson. If you want to be good at speaking korean, it’s best to have a teacher that can’t speak much English because you won’t switch to English when you get stuck and you’re not embarrassed when you make a mistake! I recommend her to everyone looking for a korean teacher! (역시 오늘 수업도 재미있게 보냈어요!)
Sep 25, 2019
1 Korean lesson
It was my first class with her, which I enjoyed a lot. She was friendly and energetic and the conversation was fun. I also really liked that she made notes and introduced useful expressions and words throughout the class. I value detailed notes from class for my later review in general and teachers who actively teach new and useful expressions during a conversation, so her class gave me a very positive impression overall. I'll definitely take her class again in the future and would recommend her to my fellow Korean learners.
Jun 8, 2023
Kanouchi Saki
6 Korean lessons
いつもありがとうございます。 今回も楽しかったです。 多様な言い回しを教えてくださり、為になります。 이번에도 재밌는 수업을 해주셔서 감사합니다. 수업 끝난 후에도 수업중에 하던 얘기들이 생각나서 웃었어요 ㅎㅎ
Apr 17, 2023
Ryan Kupka
6 Korean lessons
수업이 너무 재미있고 흥미로웠습니다. 수업은 제 목표와 실력에 맞게 잘 조절되어서 도움이 많이 되었습니다. 다음 수업이 기대됩니다!
Apr 11, 2023
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