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Hi. I'm Tyas from Indonesia. I speak bahasa Indonesia fluently. I use it every day both in daily life and at work as well as for professional use. My mother tongue is Javanese. I also speak English because I work with some expatriates in my country. My hobbies are traveling, and listen to music and the radio. I can help you to learn bahasa Indonesia from spelling, pronunciation, grammar, speaking, and writing. Just let me know what your goal is and I'm glad to help you. For the theme, you can decide. I'm open for anything, but I also don't mind choosing our topics. I'm excited to see your learning progress and success in communicating in bahasa Indonesia.

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152 Reviews

Student Jordan Antonio
Jordan Antonio
16 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Pertama pelajaran dengan Tyas menyenangkan! Dia guru sabar dan ramah. Karena aku tertarik dengan bahasa, dia memilih sala satu artikel sangat menarik tentang Bahasa Jawa di Suriname! Aku menantikan pelajaran selanjutnya
Aug 23, 2019
Student Luca D'Amore 卢小虎
Luca D'Amore 卢小虎
46 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
It's always a pleasure to have lesson with Tyas, I highly recommend her if you want to improve your speaking skills in Bahasa Indonesia! Terima kasih!!!!
Jun 23, 2019
Student 荒川寛子
125 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Saya selaru menikmati belajar bahasa Indonesia. Dia baik sekali karena dia tunggu saya sampai saya menemukan dan menjawab sendiri. Jadi saya bisa mengambil waktu yang saya perlu. Terima kasih banyak!
May 2, 2019
Student Jiwon Kim
Jiwon Kim
4 Indonesian lessons
Thank you Tyas for another round of very helpful session. She’s a patient and informative teacher.
Dec 28, 2022
Student Sabine
45 Indonesian lessons
Today was my first lesson with Tyas and it was excellent. Without long introductions she jumped into a lively conversation right away, accurately gauged my skill level and proceeded with the lesson accordingly. Tyas skillfully kept the conversation going while correcting my Indonesian and providing new vocabulary. I truly enjoyed the experience and will continue to work with Tyas.
Nov 24, 2021
Student Susanna Kay
Susanna Kay
14 Indonesian lessons
Thanks for another great lesson!
Oct 12, 2021
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