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Hello everyone! Bonjour à tou.te.s! Je m'appelle Josselin et j'habite à Montréal maintenant. My name is Josselin and I live in Montréal, Canada, now. J'ai vécu dans plusieurs autres pays (NL, Oz, CN) et j'adore les langues. I have lived in several other countries (NL, Oz, CN) and I'm fond of languages. Je fais un peu de ukulélé et je viens d'acheter un synthé. I play a bit of ukulele and I just got myself a synth. Je mesure 1m93. I am taller than you. J'ai une sœur, un fils et une bague à l'annulaire gauche. I have a sister, a son and a ring on my left ring finger. J'adore les choux de Bruxelles. I love Brussel sprouts. J'ai hâte de te rencontrer! Can't wait to meet you! Bisous!

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162 Reviews

Student Mariana Lin
Mariana Lin
13 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
A lesson w Josselin left me smiling for hours… he is kind and funny and intelligent and will really adapt to your needs, be they grammar forms or French dating advice. Quelle joie de discuter avec lui. I learned and I laughed and I will be back for more. I recommend him highly and without reservation!!
Jul 1, 2021
Student Chunchung
11 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Merci. I was discouraged for many years because of the bad way French was taught at my university. With Josselin I finally see improvement in my French. I mean it. Seriously!
May 11, 2019
Student Sara Lu
Sara Lu
16 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Chaque cours avec Josselin , c’est la même chose ! Je souffre beaucoup,j’apprends beaucoup de chose et il me fait rire beaucoup en même temps. C’est super! Merci, Prof Josselin. ( pas Josseline)
Apr 3, 2019
Student 丹丹Maddie
1 French lesson
Such a fantastic learning experience with this fantasticd teacher 老法!He always responds with a smile on the face and let me felt very relaxed and encouraged, which is so important in a language class. Also, he shows his respect to my learning needs and routine, and adapting to my learning style very quickly. He is not just a gentil teacher but a strict one as well. He pushes me in a encouraging but clear way to help me speak more and practice more. As a teacher as well, I enjoy his class so much, with learning French and with learning from him how to be a good facilitator as well.
Aug 7, 2023
Student Océane
1 French lesson
Le professeur est patient ! C’est très très très bien !!
Jul 27, 2023
Student Yukai Huang
Yukai Huang
1 French lesson
La première fois de classe avec Josselin est bonne. À la prochaine😀
May 11, 2023
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