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italki teacher since Sep 4, 2019
I’m an environmental engineer, since I was young I’ve felt a closeness with animals and nature, and I currently fight for their conservation. Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to visit much of Colombia, and this has allowed me to not only admire the country’s natural wealth but also to know and interact with the different cultures within the country. I’m a sociable and friendly person and I’m always willing to listen, I enjoy meeting new people and I love to listen to what people from all around the world have to share about their culture, their likes, and their interests.

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386 Reviews

31 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Absolutely amazing teacher! Speaks slowly, understands the language, understands the mind of a learner, and she's super kind. I've been working with Viviana every weekday for 2 weeks now and have loved every session!
Apr 27, 2020
22 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I trailed with multiple Spanish tutors before finding Viviana, and I'm so happy I've found her. Not a single tutor compared to the care, energy, quality, and customization that Viviana brings to every session. She's an individual that understand that everyone learns differently, and acts upon that belief by customizing classes to suit each students most efficient learning style. Viviana provides clean, organized notes for extra practice and review. After just 15 sessions with Viviana, I was able to travel to South America and comfortably use the fundamentals of Spanish for conversations and assistance/directions. Additional, when I'd show up with low energy Viviana was always able to motivate me with her incredible high energy, personality and a welcoming smile that's always present!
Jan 14, 2020
62 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been taking Spanish lessons with Viviana every single morning for the last 2 months in anticipation of my first trip to South America. It has been nearly 60 classes now. I came to Viviana not knowing how to speak a single word of Spanish; she taught me from scratch and now has me speaking at a basic conversational level. It is truly amazing what she has done for me. I just commenced my trip to South America and was able to communicate with the locals in Spanish which was an unbelievable experience considering I did not know any Spanish 2 months ago. From the first class, I knew there was something different about Viviana. She is sincere, has great energy, is passionate about teaching, is very patient and genuinely wants to help. She becomes invested in your journey and wanting to see you improve. It is the intangibles that make her such a wonderful teacher. I feel so fortunate to have found Viviana and the Italki community is incredibly lucky to have her! Thank you Viviana.
Jan 1, 2020
54 Spanish lessons
La lección con Viviana fue excelente. Leímos un artículo de noticias y tuvimos una conversación muy interesante y amena. Recibí correcciones y nuevas palabras. Muchas gracias
Sep 29, 2023
54 Spanish lessons
Disfruté mucho la lección. Tuvimos una conversación muy interesante y leímos un artículo de noticias. Recibí correcciones y nuevas palabras de Viviana. Muchas gracias
Sep 22, 2023
54 Spanish lessons
Disfruté mucho la lección como siempre. Hubo un buen equilibrio entre hablar y leer. Viviana fue muy paciente y me ayudó mucho. Muchas gracias
Sep 15, 2023
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