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Persian (Farsi)
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Hi! I’m Shahrzad. I have a master’s degree in English Language and Literature. I’ve completed many hours of teacher’s training courses and workshops and taught more than a thousand English lessons. As a professional English teacher, I am familiar with the latest methods in teaching and learning English. As a Persian teacher, I’m not just a native speaker. I know how to teach Persian as a foreign language. So, I can help you organize your Persian studies in the most efficient way. I can explain grammar, pronunciation, informal and formal language, etc. I’m from Tehran and I speak the standard Persian accent. In my free time, I like sightseeing, walking and reading.

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Persian (Farsi)
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Persian (Farsi)
Student Michal
230 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve been studying Persian with Shahrzad for almost two years now and I am satisfied with each single class with her. I’ve mastered the grammar and now our focus is on expanding vocabulary and practicing everyday use of the language. Shahrzad is a great teacher, she has the patience and skill to explain all the nuances of the language.
Jan 19, 2022
Student Ilona Simandlova
Ilona Simandlova
263 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I chose Shahrzad as a teacher when I needed to update my English skills, primarily for communicating at job interviews. She helped me compose answers to frequently asked questions, and together we tailored them to me personally, including the way I communicate (wording, articulation, my native accent, etc). Then we practiced the answers. She was very helpful to control non-verbal communication (verbal fillings, tone of voice, etc.). After mastering this part, she helped me with proper communication and responses to many questions about my CV, and taught me how to communicate some of the activities correctly in English. We continued to practice the basic questions too. Every single hour went more than very pleasantly, and I appreciate that Shahrzad managed to be very subtle but unambiguous even in very lively discussions, I love hours with Shahrzad.
Oct 8, 2019
Student Zhu Ge
Zhu Ge
69 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It's amazing that I've made great progress with Shahrzad's help. She has many different effective materials and methods depended on different situations. Always passionate, professional and patient. We've talked so many various topics among economy, environment, education, traveling, emotion, personality, etc. Shahrzad is willing to share her knowledge and experience with students, as talking with a close friend. For some grammar rules, I think she is even better than some native speaker~ Highly recommend!
Oct 5, 2019
Student Lewis Ennew
Lewis Ennew
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
great first lesson , very well thought out introduction to farsi
Jun 4, 2024
Student Inma
1 English lesson
She is a good teacher
May 19, 2024
Student Jesse del Desierto
Jesse del Desierto
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
Great introduction to the Persian alphabet.
Apr 8, 2024
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