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For a limited time: $20 off coaching sessions! ⭐⭐ PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT COACHING WITH RESULTS!⭐⭐
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⭐⭐ PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT COACHING WITH RESULTS! ⭐⭐ Check my testimonials - see what my past coaching clients have to say! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Greetings! I'm Warren! (he/him) 👋👋 I'm a Communication Coach specialized in helping non-native English speakers prepare for *interviews*! I've been working with clients preparing for interviews since 2018. My clients get results: new jobs, better income, and advancement in their careers. 📈📈 If you're preparing for a job interview, university/masters interview, residency interview, etc - I can help you with the strategy & practice in mock interviews Interview coaching for non-native English speakers is my speciality. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check my testimonials!

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263 Reviews

Student Marco
6 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Coach Warren has been magnificent during all 6 lessons! I was preparing for an interview and besides guiding me to that very interview, he landed a personalized framework to follow for any job interview. At the end of the program, I felt really secure, prepared, and confident. Thank you, coach Warren!
Aug 30, 2022
Student YingL
4 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It was a great experience to have classes with Warren!! He not only taught me how to do better in interviews, but also eased my anxiety about the interview. His classes are efficient and fun, that I would recommend for anyone with interview needs😊
Apr 27, 2022
Student Can
3 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I took classes from him before my job interviews. He showed me a very good way to explain myself better in a job interview. I got the job and improved my speaking skills as well. I definitely recommend his class!
Sep 23, 2021
Student Carl
2 English lessons
thank you Warren, I learned a lot of useful interview skills!
May 15, 2024
Student Ana_Speaking help
Ana_Speaking help
1 English lesson
I've had classes with different career coaches and I have to admit that Warren is the most professional. He was really passionate and gave me enough time to process the questions. The frame he gave me makes so much sense and I now understand what I have to say when answering a "Tell me about yourself" type of question.
May 5, 2024
Student Isabelle
2 English lessons
Warren 是个很专业的面试培训师。面试前跟我一起准备了两小时,第二天我面试的很流畅,最后拿到offer了:)
Mar 7, 2024
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