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Paulina Simbaña

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Tutora de Español, especializada en acento, fluidez, gramática y vocabulario
From EcuadorLiving in Quito, Ecuador (09:29 UTC-05:00)
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italki teacher since Jan 10, 2020
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Es todo un placer poder contarte un poco de mi, como persona y como profesora. Hoy sera como persona. Soy una persona super dinamica y creativa, siempre me ha gustado buscar nuevas cosas y crearlas de manera que sea algo novedoso, la imaginacion jamas se me termina, siempre hay algo nuevo que hacer y es lo mismo que hago en mis clases. Soy una mujer que ama a su familia, la familia para mi es lo mas importante, me encanta pasar tiempo con ella. Amo pintar, es uno de mi pasatiempos favortitos, los colores, como se pueden mezclar y tener tantos colores me facina. Por supuesto la musica. Soy fiel creeyente que las oportunidades simpre llegan y que las cosas siempre pasan por un motivo.

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436 Reviews

Student Caroline McDonald
Caroline McDonald
5 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I just had my fourth lesson with Paulina and I cannot recommend her enough! I've studied Spanish for several years now but have always struggled with my confidence conversing in Spanish. Especially now that I work with primarily Spanish-speakers, my ability to understand and speak Spanish is more important than ever. Paulina is helping me reach my goals and does so in a kind, encouraging way. The conversations we have challenge me and make me a better listener and conversationalist. She is an absolute delight to work with!
May 14, 2024
Student Stephen Schlager
Stephen Schlager
50 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Today I had a wonderful lesson with Paulina. We meant to get into our lesson plan and homework, but our conversation was going so well, we just kept going! She is very good at moving a conversation back to the lesson plan eventually, but I told her it was fine that tonight we just chat about life and happenings and it gave me excellent speaking practice. It was very nice to just relax and chat with her. Throughout the lesson she did help me with errors in my speech and pronunciation but the time just flew by. I'm writing this review to say that she's really become a good friend of mine after a year or so of lessons and we really had a great time and she gave me some great life advice! Please read my other reviews for a more detailed list of what she excels at when teaching. E.g. her attention to detail with both pronunciation and grammar is second to none. My Spanish has improved more with her in a year than ever before with multiple teachers. She's amazing. The best teacher I've had.
Apr 17, 2024
Student Savannah Sosa
Savannah Sosa
113 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Paulina has been a wonderful teacher, I have been working with her for about 6 months now. I have been trying to learn Spanish my entire life and I have never made as much progress as I have working with her. Whether the lesson is just purely conversation or working with books or a structured lesson, my time spent with her is always valuable and productive. I do believe that with Paulina's help I will finally achieve my life long goal of being fluent in spanish. Thank you Paulina!
Oct 21, 2021
Student Katy
16 Spanish lessons
Otra clase excelente de conversacion sobre todo!
Jun 11, 2024
Student Amalia
15 Spanish lessons
Paulina is AMAZING! She has helped me be brave speaking Spanish and I feel so much more comfortable talking about anything and not being afraid to make mistakes.
Jun 3, 2024
Student Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis
9 Spanish lessons
I enjoy my conversations with Paulina. She has a great attitude and makes me feel comfortable when we discuss a wide variety of topics. I highly recommend her.
Jun 1, 2024
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