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Certified Business English Teacher specializing in helping adult students perfect their speaking!
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italki teacher since Apr 1, 2020
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I grew up in the U.S. State of Mississippi and currently live in Lima, Perú. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and a Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) from the University of Mississippi School of Law. From 2007 to 2018 I worked at a law firm in the United States as a legal assistant and document analyst. In 2015 I passed the Mississippi Bar Exam and received a license to practice law in the State of Mississippi. I decided in 2019 to follow a dream to live and work in Latin America and become a fluent Spanish speaker. So, I packed up and moved to Lima, Perú.

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Conversational English
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Business and Legal English Conversation
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698 Reviews

Student A.G. Orofino
A.G. Orofino
800 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been learning with James since 2020. We have worked together on all aspects of English and I have progressed from the A2 level lessons to the C1 level lessons. I feel like I can speak with a great deal of fluency and accuracy now. I have much more confidence when I am speaking with both native and non-native English-speaking colleagues in the legal profession. James has helped me edit several of my academic articles and I fell that my written English has improved significantly as well. James is always professional and patient but he makes a lot of corrections and gives a lot feedback. I recommend him highly.
Dec 28, 2023
Student Denys
178 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It has been almost a year since we started our lessons, and it has been an incredible journey that rapidly boosted my confidence in English, which continues to grow. My personal goal was to achieve a level of English that would help me pass university exams, and I can proudly say that I reached that goal with James's help. He played a significant role in my success. James is not only polite but also the epitome of patience. He is the best English teacher I've ever met. His classes offer various directions, allowing you to tailor the program to your specific needs. Moreover, he constantly adapts his approach and seeks to improve his teaching skills by incorporating new features, and the results are evident. If you wish to develop a strong command of English, I highly recommend taking a lesson with James. Fluent English doesn't happen overnight; it's a journey that requires finding a good sensei and mentor for guidance. Don't hesitate to try this great source of knowledge.
Aug 7, 2023
Student kanjana tongta
kanjana tongta
286 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I can't believe myself. I have been learning English with James for over 2 years, He has been teaching me since I was at A1 level until I can improve to C1. Now I have more confidence in speaking with native speakers and don't stop learning. I wish to speak fluently and believe that my dream come true soon.
Jun 5, 2023
Student Rafa Larrucea
Rafa Larrucea
14 English lessons
Thank you so much James. I have been trying to improve my English for many years and in a few eeks I feel more confident. Thank you!!
Jun 13, 2024
Student Beto
4 English lessons
Owwwwwwwww amazing as usual! Thank you so much James
Jun 7, 2024
Student Beto
4 English lessons
Finally I have found an excellent teacher, with well-structured lessons. I'm looking for our next class. Thank you so much James.
May 31, 2024

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