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Creative and patient teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience in Telugu
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italki teacher since Feb 19, 2020
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Native Telugu speaker born in Andhrapradesh and brought up in Telangana. Having good knowledge of both dialects. Motivated Telugu teacher and Author with 7 years of experience in teaching Indians and foreigners. Classes with new methodologies are taken with assured success in the Telugu journey. Updating myself with new methods of teaching is my passion and enthusiasm.

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239 Reviews

21 Telugu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning Telugu with Ashwini has been such a game-changer for me! I've been at it for a few months, and I hit the jackpot when I found her. She's super helpful and picks up on what I'm good at and where I need some extra help. What I love most is that she makes us dive into exercises instead of just drowning us in theory. It's made learning not only effective but actually fun! Ashwini gets that speaking and listening are key for me, and thanks to her, I've seen a big boost in those skills. Every lesson feels like a chat with a friend who's helping me get better at Telugu. If you're on the hunt for a teacher who's not just about memorising but really cares about your progress, Ashwini's the one. I can't recommend her enough!
Dec 28, 2023
Rahul Suryadevara
77 Telugu lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you are looking to learn Telugu, Aswani Ma'am is an excellent choice. I started with some conversational ability and vocabulary, but 0 reading/writing knowledge in Telugu. I have taken over 20 lessons with her now and I am now able to comfortably write and even read the alphabets (my dad, native Telugu speaker/can read and write, was very impressed). She teaches in a very structured and effective way so that you grasp the basics (alphabets) quickly, but offers plenty of practice using books. She has also mixed in conversation classes, offering variety. She is also flexible and understanding with scheduling, which is a plus. I was also happy that she could pick up my level quickly and tailor the classes that best fit my needs. I look forward to continuing taking classes with her and highly recommend you consider her for your Telugu lessons!
Aug 26, 2022
Michael Shea
353 Telugu lessons
Teacher’s pick
She makes sure that the harder learning points are mastered through practice. she has an intuition on what topics English speakers will struggle with, and more importantly, the examples that will help them the most with those topics. I love her class so far!
Apr 30, 2020
Brittany Merugu
40 Telugu lessons
Aswani taught me how to study more efficiently so I can learn faster! I appreciate that a lot!
Feb 23, 2024
Vivek Kannan
12 Telugu lessons
I've been taking lessons from Aswani to be able to converse in Telugu with my wife and her family who are native telugu speakers. I have had some familiarity with Telugu being exposed to it via friends and family but wanted to improve my listening and be able to speak the language. I have found Aswani's teaching style very effective. Her lessons started from the basics of how to construct sentences and slowly add more complexity and vocabulary with each lesson. She is very patient and adapts her lessons based on areas I find challenging or easy. I have been consistently improving in my listening and speaking ability. Huge thanks to Aswani!
Feb 1, 2024
Brittany Merugu
40 Telugu lessons
We reviewed sentence practice homework from English to Telugu. She made corrections and thoroughly explained why answer was correct or not correct.
Jan 30, 2024
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