American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Anirban Dasgupta

Anirban Dasgupta

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American Sign Language (ASL)
Deaf Teacher with over 18 years of experience helping students reach their goals.
From IndiaLiving in Charlotte, United States (15:30 UTC+05:30)
About Me
italki teacher since Nov 5, 2019
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I was born profoundly deaf. My world is completely visual. I have spent a lot of time in the US- my brother, who is also deaf, lives there and my wife is American. I have been asked to deliver speeches and lectures in the ASL community as often as I have visited the US. This has granted me the privilege of having a rich experience in Deaf Language. You could say ASL is the language of my heart since it is my means of communication with all my closest loved ones and the vehicle for me to win the heart of the woman I love.

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821 Reviews

Student Jessica Sudler
Jessica Sudler
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
My new favorite teacher! Class with Ani is so much fun. I am a complete beginner, but he is so supportive and engaging that the material is sticking with me right away!
Aug 13, 2022
Student Ryan
36 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you for yet another incredible lesson today, Anirban! As you pointed out, we have been working on vocabulary, concept, and restructure, and I can definitely feel like all three have been improving ever since our first couple of lessons! I am extremely grateful to have you as one of my best teachers, and I cannot wait to continue learning more from you, as I truly believe that it will be beneficial for my future.
Jul 16, 2022
Student Athyena
175 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've learned so much for from Anirban. I will forever be grateful for him bringing me into this beautiful language and culture.
Dec 15, 2020
Student Bri (Bree) and Crys
Bri (Bree) and Crys
2 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Wonderful session for my teen
Apr 19, 2024
Student Wrenrick Mayers
Wrenrick Mayers
10 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Anirban is the perfect tutor for me. Lessons are focussed on what I would like to work on and he always uses comprehensible and effective strategies to relay the various concepts. Very pleasant, professional and fun!
Mar 15, 2023
Student Gaynel Bradford
Gaynel Bradford
26 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Mar 13, 2023
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