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Nicolas Vallejo

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From VenezuelaLiving in Bogota, Colombia (04:33 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 10, 2019
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¡Hola!, I am from Venezuela, living in Colombia. I am a software engineer and a certified Spanish teacher. I work in the tech industry and as a Spanish teacher. I really enjoy helping you improve your Spanish, this is my hobby actually. My video is a bit old, so if you have questions feel free to contact me I like to talk about different cultures, languages, traveling politics, economy, technology, history, animals, grammar among others topics. I had been out of italki for 4 months and I'm looking for new students If you need any different hours than those available in my calendar, don't hesitate to ask, my other job is quite flexible, and I could make exceptions.

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363 Reviews

Student Paige Miller
Paige Miller
62 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Classes can often be a chore, but I genuinely look forward to my classes with Nicolas. Not only is he actually interesting to talk to, but also, I learn a lot. Nicolas has helped me get through my B2 proficiency test, which I passed, and I'm certain we will get through the C1 together too! I feel like any level would benefit from his classes, as the class is personalised specifically to your interests and abilities, you won't regret trying out his class!!
Oct 19, 2021
Student Chris Vlachos
Chris Vlachos
71 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicolás is an incredible teacher. He is always very attentive and knowledgeable about the concepts that he is teaching. He understands your strengths and weaknesses and puts specific exercises to help you improve. I really like the classes with him.
Sep 17, 2021
Student Cherisse M Parker
Cherisse M Parker
49 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been taking lessons from Nicolás for a while now and I have to say my Spanish skills have increased tremendously. I had previously finished all 5 discs of Rosetta Stone and did not feel like I could hold a conversation whatsoever. With each lesson from Nicolás I begin to feel more and more confident, and I look forward to continuing my lessons to further improve my vocabulary and speaking skills.
Sep 17, 2021
Student Sisa Bubenkova
Sisa Bubenkova
16 Spanish lessons
Nicolas is very patient teacher, helps me to understand basics so I can easily progress. Nice lesson management, effective!
Jan 10, 2023
Student Natalie
5 Spanish lessons
Highly recommend this teacher.
Nov 18, 2022
Student Natalie
5 Spanish lessons
Our first class went well. My impression is that he is the right teacher for serious students. He asked a lot of questions which forced me to speak in a particular tense. I'm sure he would be suitable for a casual learner, but I appreciated that it was a level up for people like me who want to learn for work.
Oct 28, 2022
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