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Graduated English teacher with a specialization in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.
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italki teacher since Mar 1, 2017
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Oi, pessoal!! My name is Marielle. I’m a graduated English teacher with a specialization in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, 6 of these teaching Portuguese lessons, and I want to believe that I am getting better at it everyday 😂 . I love challenges and I challenge you to have a great journey exploring this beautiful language with me!

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780 Reviews

Student Jérôme Dockès
Jérôme Dockès
67 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Como sempre foi uma ótima aula com a Marielle. Estou estudando com ela uma hora por semana há 3 meses e tenho progredido bastante. Nossas últimas aulas foram sobre colocação pronominal e pronomes oblíquos átonos, o plural metafônico, acentuação, e regência verbal. Também sempre dedicamos uma parte da aula à conversação. Ela sempre prepara bastante as aulas com material adaptado ao que preciso aprender. Além disso a Marielle é muito simpática e as aulas são muito divertidas! A great lesson as usual with Marielle! She has been teaching me one hour a week for 3 months and I have made significant progress. Our last lessons focused on "colocação pronominal", "plural metafônico", and "regência verbal". We also dedicate part of each lesson to conversation. She always prepares thoroughly the lessons with material adapted to what I need to learn. Moreover, Marielle is very friendly and the lessons are always fun! Jérôme.
Mar 22, 2021
Student Sean Negus
Sean Negus
225 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have worked with Marielle for around 3-4 years now, having weekly hour-long meetings with her. She is by all accounts a great teacher. I would say that her strengths are in empathizing with students and making them feel at ease during the sensitive periods of gaining confidence in another language. Responsive to individual situation, sensitive to student feelings, friendly and always professional (without ever seeming impersonal), Marielle has demonstrated herself countless times as a dependable language teacher. As a professor, myself, I recognize other good educators. In addition to her kind demeanor and professional comportment, she has always been prepared for our lessons. In working with her I have been able to achieve advanced/intermediate proficiency in the language, and I hope to continue my work with her towards fluency and beyond.
Mar 22, 2021
Student alanna b.
alanna b.
75 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Marielle has an amazing ability to make students feel comfortable. She can conduct conversations on a wide variety of topics, and as a result, class time flies so quickly that it's often hard to believe that an hour has passed. I love learning everyday-Portuguese conversation this way. I am already looking forward to my next lesson. Thank you, Marielle!
Sep 6, 2018
Student Julie
2 Portuguese lessons
I really enjoyed today's lesson. Marielle made me feel very comfortable speaking in Portuguese, and she was always very nice when correcting my mistakes. I also really appreciate that she has materials prepared.
May 25, 2024
Student Sam
7 Portuguese lessons
Marielle is brilliant. Loving my lessons with her so far and already learning so much! She makes me feel super comfortable and is super patient which is a must from a teacher 👏
May 23, 2024
Student Sean
36 Portuguese lessons
Marielle is an outstanding Portuguese teacher! She brings warmth and compassion to each lesson, making learning enjoyable and engaging. Her lessons are highly personalized to your life and goals, ensuring you speak like a native. Marielle is always prepared and uses fun and interactive topics of conversation. She listens to your needs and helps with pronunciation, even if you’re a complete novice. I highly recommend her!
May 21, 2024
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