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Hi there! Welcome! I'm Ania and I'm so excited to meet you! 🌻 It brings me so much joy to contribute to the world by teaching my native language and helping people connect through it. What sets me apart is how effortlessly I make learning Spanish feel. My students often describe me as easy-going, patient, and fun. I'm excited about everything teaching, languages, and meeting new people! 🌻 Book a trial lesson with me and discover how I can assist you in improving your Spanish skills. I can't wait to help you on this exciting path!

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219 Reviews

John Covington
88 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another successful class. I learned some new vocabulary. I am feeling confident with every class. I am not worried about making mistakes. Each week we always find something to talk about. Which helps improve my Spanish.
Sep 16, 2022
21 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
As always, this lesson was great. Ania is an excellent teacher who is just brilliant at making you feel at ease and inspired. An awesome teacher and person! I really look forward to our lessons a consistent 5 stars.
Mar 7, 2022
Christina Palomino
105 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cada dia, yo me siento mejor. Estoy aprendiendo poco a poco. Gracias Ania! 'Each day, I feel better. I'm learning little by little. Thank you Ania!'
Sep 24, 2021
John Covington
88 Spanish lessons
Today, we talked about 2 of Jennifer Lopez's movies and we discussed which would rather visit the past or the future. And if you couldn't return to the present. Would u stay in the past or the future. It was an interesting conversation
May 29, 2023
John Covington
88 Spanish lessons
In today's lesson, we talked about ideas for writing a haiku in spanish. and I also wrote a story in spanish about an event in my life that happened when I was 11 yrs old. And we discuss parts of an article in a spanish magazine called "Al Dia," It was a good and interesting class as always
May 22, 2023
John Covington
88 Spanish lessons
We talked about what we did on our birthdays. And we talked about movies and haikus. How they came from Japan and how they became a part of spanish culture. The Japanese haiku has three lines and the Spanish haiku has 4 lines. I told Ania that I would try to write one in Spanish.
May 15, 2023
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