Akan Twi teacher Dacosta Wereko

Dacosta Wereko

Professional Teacher
Akan Twi
Professional teacher with 12 years teaching experience. Patient, flexible and practical.
From GhanaLiving in Takoradi, Ghana (06:29 UTC+00:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Jan 17, 2020
Interest topicSports & FitnessReadingTravel
Hello everyone, I am Dacosta Wereko from Ghana. I am an Asante (Ashanti) but resides in Takoradi. I speak Twi, Fante, and English languages. I love football and my favorite teams are the Ghana Black Stars and Real Madrid FC. I also enjoy reading and swimming. I am a professional teacher and have been teaching Twi and English for the past twelve (12) years to both children and adults. I am patient, friendly and flexible so my students are always comfortable around me. As a psychologist, I understand and appreciate individual differences and uniqueness, I hold a Diploma in Basic Education, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with Political Science, and MPhil in Psychology.

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Akan Twi
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139 Reviews

Akan Twi
Student Jeffrey Coleman
Jeffrey Coleman
115 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Dacosta is very thorough and detailed. I enjoyed his teaching style.
Jan 4, 2021
Student Moses McCormick
Moses McCormick
101 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm thoroughly content meeting with Dacosta for these lessons. He is extremely patient and effective when working with the student. I can see a long time relationship with this instructor. Thanks again, sir.
Sep 10, 2020
Student Yaa
33 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Dacosta was very patient during our class. He is very flexible to his students' needs. I am a heritage speaker of the language, so he was able to teach me without speaking English, therefore I received full immersion. During our class, Dacosta was able to provide explanations that many native speakers are not capable of explaining properly. I feel confident that he will be able to assist me with reaching my language goals. Looking forward to the next class!
Jun 23, 2020
Student Richard
1 English lesson
I took a lesson with Dacosta for some information about the Ghanaian education system, which I need for a research project. Dacosta was fully prepared, and answered all the questions I had for him. Thanks so much! I might come back to learn Twi in the future!
Mar 31, 2024
Student Maria
6 Akan Twi lessons
we have rehearsed the previous lesdon & I learned a lot of new words and some grammar.
Feb 5, 2024
Student Alice
1 Akan Twi lesson
it was a test session we practiced a little alphabet
Jan 30, 2024
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