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Ratheesh Chelakkattu

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American Sign Language (ASL)
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Deaf teacher with over 10 years teaching experience, focusing on natural, visual sign language.
From United StatesLiving in Indianapolis, United States (06:38 UTC-04:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Jan 30, 2020
Interest topicHistoryPets & AnimalsScience
I was born hard of hearing and went deaf at an early age, so along with my brother who is also deaf, we lived in a visual world. This is the world I love to share with others by means of the beauty of sign language. I also love exploring the wonders of creation and science, learning about different places and cultures, and history.

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1,941 Reviews

Student Katie Parenti
Katie Parenti
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been signing for 15+ years and I can converse with Deaf people, but I've working to make my signing more ASL and less English. Ratheesh has been the most helpful so far of all the tutors I've tried on here when it comes to this goal, and I think I've tried most of the Deaf ASL tutors.
Nov 8, 2023
Student Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia
20 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
There are not enough words to describe Ratheesh; it would be best to just sign them :) As a foreign language high school teacher myself, I can say that he is truly an amazing educator. From day one our lessons have been filled with joy and laughter. There is never a dull moment and, after a long day of work, I always look forward to spending time and learning from him. From knowing absolutely nothing, he has opened up a completely new world to me that I never even knew existed. I look forward to continuing my lessons and diving deeper and deeper into the amazing world of ASL and everything it has to offer.
Mar 30, 2022
Student Erin
9 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Every lesson with Ratheesh is a pleasure. As a teacher and speaker of multiple languages, ASL is a whole new world of expression for me, and Ratheesh just makes it all the more exciting and fascinating. He manages to teach ASL grammar and structure, while also tailoring lessons around me, my life, my interests, and more. Honestly, he's one of the best language teachers I've had!
Aug 25, 2021
Student Jeremy Canzler 李从杰
Jeremy Canzler 李从杰
1 American Sign Language (ASL) lesson
This lesson was my very first time using ASL, and Ratheesh was so kind and patient with me! He took the time to fingerspell again (and again) if I couldn't understand something and he corrected me if I was forming a sign incorrectly. Communicating using sign language is very new for me and quite intimidating, but meeting with Ratheesh made me excited to keep learning and improve! I will definitely book future lessons with him 👍
Jul 3, 2024
Student Tamara Pflug
Tamara Pflug
17 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
The best!!! :)
Jun 28, 2024
Student Kristin Caffray
Kristin Caffray
1 American Sign Language (ASL) lesson
Great experience!
Jun 21, 2024
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