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From MexicoLiving in Mexico City, Mexico (09:05 UTC+04:00)
Native speaker with 2 years of experience teaching online
About Me
italki teacher since Feb 12, 2020
Hello! I'm Gaby and I was born and currently live in Mexico City. In the past, I have worked as a teacher in a nursing school, a nurse at a hospital, and I have a year of experience as a Spanish tutor. My interests are books, Mexican food, running, traveling, movies... but I like to talk about any subject, it is always nice to know new things and opinions of people who are from different parts of the world.

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205 Reviews

122 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Gaby is the best teacher ever and I can’t recommend her enough! I’ve never been able to pick up a language this quickly before. She is supportive, kind and helpful. She lets me pause to figure out words, but will help when I am stuck which helps keep the conversation moving and helps me to learn more, overall. Talking with Gaby is always fun and interesting and our conversations helps me to feel confident that I will someday be able to speak pretty fluently. If you want to have great conversations from day one and secretly be learning a ton, I highly recommend learning with Gaby : )
Sep 10, 2021
shari rosenberg
61 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Como siempre Gaby es fantástica! Ella es interesante y muy simpática! Ha estado mi maestra para mucho meses y espero para muchos más en el futuro!
May 22, 2021
Ron Brady
62 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Gabriela is always prepared, patient and helpful.
Apr 20, 2021
Ryo Morino
13 Spanish lessons
You are very friendly, open-minded and patient. When I practise Spanish with you, it is like talking with a friend and during the class not only I learn new words but also it gives me motivation to go further in Spanish. Before, Spanish was rather a subject to learn and to study, but with you Spanish has become something alive for me. Thanks a lot!
Jun 10, 2022
Mariah Landry
53 Spanish lessons
amazing teacher!
Jun 8, 2022
Mariah Landry
53 Spanish lessons
amazing teacher, really enjoy class
Jun 3, 2022
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