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italki teacher since Apr 23, 2020
My name is Hala, I am from Damascus, I graduated from an American university in business administration and I am very interested in learning and teaching languages. Because of my aim in this life was always to leave a fingerprint in people’s life, I am here. I would like to help those who need the language in order to find a job, adapt to their surrounding or build relationships.

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Arabic (Levantine)
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Conversational Arabic for intermediate levels or advanced learner. B1-C2
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Conversation lesson & Prepare Podcast for you each lesson
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350 Reviews

Arabic (Levantine)
Josef Bloomfield
117 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my first group lesson organised by Hala. The class was excellent and Hala was so organised and helpful. The materials provided were very useful and I can't wait to do another!!
Jan 18, 2022
69 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
I heard a metaphor recently that drew a comparison between learning languages and swimming in the ocean - no matter how confident you are in your swimming ability, your energy is finite, and you will eventually grow fatigued from the effort. Meanwhile, the ocean is infinite in its width and depth. To survive, you need to find "islands" to rest upon - "islands" of core vocabulary and common expressions. Hala has been an outstanding "swim" instructor, building my confidence in braving the waves to get to the next "island". Here's to conquering the sea, or at least, our fear of it!
Jun 1, 2021
Jacob Doddy
226 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have studying Arabic for close to 7 years, and I have been taught by a variety of teachers and tutors in every setting imaginable, and I have to say Hala is my favorite. She is patient as she helps me with my pronunciation errors or particularly hard words. She also provides a wealth of audio recordings and stories that I can use outside of class for listening- which is often the hardest skill to master. You can tell Hala is the type of person who loves what she does, and also loves being great at it. Since I am taking advanced Arabic- lessons become discussions about life itself. There is never a shortage of topics to discuss, and the conversation flows easily. For beginners, I imagine this comfortable environment she fosters to be a great benefit- we are all scared in the beginning. Encouragement and kindness paired with consistent correction make for a great teacher. I highly recommend anyone with a desire to learn Arabic and the passion for learning to take lessons with Hala.
Nov 19, 2020
Nathan Swain
7 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
An excellent teacher - I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn languages.
May 29, 2023
Eric Smith
19 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
Another nice lesson, thanks!
May 16, 2023
6 Arabic (Levantine) lessons
I have been trying different kinds of teachers this past year and struggled to motivate myself to keep learning. However it wasn’t until I found Hala that I could truly say that i’m learning Arabic. Her teaching method and the material that she shares is truly educational. You really sense that teaching Arabic is her passion by the way she creates her own content and envokes interesting topics. Beyond that she is such a kind soul and interesting person, which really makes the lesson go by in a hurry. If your aim is to learn Arabic in a smooth but fun way, look no further.
Apr 10, 2023
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