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italki teacher since May 7, 2020
Hi, my name is Shunpei. I am a Japanese teacher living in Tokyo. I have always been interested in learning language and have experienced the difficulties and joys of language learning. That is why I decided to teach language—to help and share with other learners. When I have time, I listen to pop music and sing karaoke. I also play the piano and the kokyū (a traditional Japanese string instrument). I like going to the movie theater, mainly to see Disney and Marvel movies. Lately, I’ve gotten into flower arranging which helps me relax and be creative. こんにちは、しゅんぺいです。東京に住んでいる日本人です。言葉を学ぶことは大変ですが楽しいですよね。私が言葉を教えたいと思ったのは、学ぶ人を助けたいそして一緒に楽しみたいと思ったからです。音楽を聴いたりカラオケが趣味です。ピアノや胡弓を弾きます。映画館へ行ったり花も好きです。

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189 Reviews

Student Alex
18 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shunpei is a teacher who really fits my idea of what a teacher should be. He has organized lesson plans, a keen sense of how well you are progressing, and has a great handle on going back to early concepts to ensure your understanding. Shunpei is patient and professional in demeanor which gave me the confidence to make mistakes and learn without feeling judged. I can’t wait to keep learning with Shunpei.
Jun 29, 2023
Student Forest Fang
Forest Fang
136 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shunpei先生 has been nothing but exceptional. I have been taking his lessons for more than a year, and he has been incredibly patient and supportive throughout our journey. He explains new concepts very clearly and heavily relies on Japanese at my level. This approach has helped me reinforce the grammar points and vocabulary we have recently been working on. Shunpei先生's teaching style is tailored to my needs, and his lessons have been instrumental in my successful completion of the Genki textbook and passing the N3 with a perfect score. 我已经跟随Shunpei老师学习了近100小时课时。现在我还是每每期待下一次的课程。我们一起完成了《Genki》教材,现在往更高的级别前进。多亏了他的教学,我成功通过了N3并获得了满分。老师总是用简单易懂的日语耐心地解释新概念。这有助于我巩固最近我们学习的语法和词汇。强烈推荐Shunpei老师给任何想学习日语的人。 毎回勉強を教えてくれてありがとうございます。先生の生徒になって嬉しいです。
Feb 16, 2023
Student Alex
274 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve been taking lessons regularly with Shunpei-sensei for 2 years and I highly recommend him. I’ve been able to achieve N3 under his guidance and we’re working towards N2. Shunpei-sensei is patient and good at explaining things in different ways when I don’t understand something, and he gives me time to try to figure out how to say things on my own first. I enjoy the structured nature of the lessons with a textbook so we can continue where we left off in a previous lesson and that I will have the prerequisite knowledge for the current lesson. We’ve been doing more conversation practice in lessons lately which has been fun and good practice for all of what I learned earlier. He is always eager to answer my questions.
Jan 29, 2023
Student grace lee
grace lee
6 Japanese lessons
Shunpei sensei helped me with a speech I am working on. I really appreciate his encouragement and support. His mistake correction helps me to remember grammar, he offers a good balance– not too much to dent confidence, but enough to help me improve and work on my weak points. Thank you for a solid, helpful lesson!
Apr 14, 2024
Student grace lee
grace lee
6 Japanese lessons
Shunpei sensei was well prepared, asked engaging questions and really tailored the lesson to the requests I had made prior to the lesson. I really appreciate this kind of teaching style. Thank you for an excellent first lesson!
Apr 7, 2024
Student メラニー
7 Japanese lessons
Extremely well prepared teacher! Brings a lot of material and cultural content to class
Mar 9, 2024
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