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UCL Grad. in Education, Cambridge Speaking Examiner, Certified IELTS Trainer, 9 years of experience
From IndonesiaLiving in Denpasar, Indonesia (14:52 UTC+08:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 22, 2020
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Hi, my name is Yutmen, and I'm a native Indonesian speaker. I'm a professional teacher from Bali, Indonesia. I graduated from University College London, UK, with a degree in Education and Technology. I work with The Language Shop in London, UK, as an Indonesian Speaking Examiner and help the team with setting and vetting the Reading and Listening tests. I also work as a Cambridge Assessment English Speaking Examiner and a certified IELTS Trainer. I have taken the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) for Young Learners and Managing the Teaching and Learning Process.

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Bahasa Indonesia Umum - Pemula (General Indonesian - BEGINNERS) : A1-A2
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Bahasa Indonesia Umum - Menengah (General Indonesian - INTERMEDIATE) : B1-B2
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Bahasa Indonesia Umum - Lanjut (General Indonesian - ADVANCED) : C1-C2
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Percakapan/Tata Bahasa/Sastra Indonesia (Indonesian Conversation/Grammar/Literature)
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117 Reviews

Mateusz Wiacek
23 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you are learning Indonesian, Yutman is the teacher to go. He combines a deep knowledge of the structure of the language, the ability to explain complex things in a simple way and the ability to encourage you to have conversation despite your shortcomings. In short: everything that a language teacher should have. Highly recommended.
Jul 7, 2022
Bruce Gale
140 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been taking lessons in Indonesian from Yutmen Soru for almost two years now. For me, his willingness to adapt his teaching methods to my particular needs as an advanced student of the language is a particular plus point. His explanations are clear and concise, and based on a thorough understanding of his subject. He is also quick to explain subtle differences in word use and meanings. But what really makes the lessons enjoyable is his friendly demeanor, even when he is pointing out the grammatical flaws in the Indonesian language essays that I submit regularly. I also get plenty of enjoyable practice in advanced conversation. Yutmen is a serious and committed teacher whose affable personality succeeds in making even the most obscure aspects of the language seem interesting and full of life. Highly recommended!!
Jan 4, 2022
31 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yutmen is an exceptional teacher. His lessons are well structured with a mix of reading and writing, along with free conversation practice. But most importantly, his lessons are always fantastic fun! We always have lots of laughs during class and come away enthusiastic about what we've learnt.
Mar 22, 2021
Bruce Gale
140 Indonesian lessons
Yutmen is an experienced teacher. He gives clear explanations for vocabulary or grammatical issues when they occur. He is friendly and always makes the lessons enjoyable.
Feb 14, 2024
2 Indonesian lessons
It was a wonderful class! Guru's teaching skills and delivering was perfect and his materials rich and awarding! Highly recommended. Terima kasih banjak!
Feb 4, 2024
29 Indonesian lessons
I've been having classes with Yutmen for a while now, and recently I went on a two week business trip to Indonesia. Thanks to Yutmen's teaching, I was able to successfully pull off the business trip.
Feb 2, 2024
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