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Português & Espanhol na ponta da língua. Certified Spanish and Portuguese teacher since 2014.
From BrazilLiving in Buenos Aires, Argentina (10:49 UTC-03:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 8, 2020
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Vamos falar português? ¿Vamos hablar español? Meu nome é Amanda Alves, eu sou brasileiro, mas moro em Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eu tenho licenciatura em Letras e sou tradutora de Português-Espanhol. Eu amo tudo que tem relação com literatura e música. --- Me llamo Amanda Alves, soy brasileña, pero vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy licenciada en Letras y traductora de Portugués-Español. Amo la literatura y la música. IG: @profa.linguaruda

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Portugués para Viajes (Brasil)
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Conversação Português
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Conversation Practice

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Aprender Português Cantando (Learning Portuguese with music)
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Conversation Practice

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Leitura e Produção de Texto (Learn to read and write Portuguese in context)
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164 Reviews

152 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
After years of false starts learning Portuguese, Amanda has been a godsend. Like many people looking to learn Brazilian Portuguese in the United States, I came with a significant background in Spanish. As a tutor of both Spanish and Portuguese, Amanda has been a wonderful resource in helping me separate out and improve both languages so that they're no longer just "portunhol" in my head. Lessons have involved a mix of conversations, exercises, and a number of excellent readings. That's been a major highlight. I majored in literature as an undergrad and got an MA, so it's safe to say it's something I love. Amanda has brought in consistently interesting and conversation worthy essays and works of fiction that address important facets of Brazilian culture. Finally, I'll say that I'm a queer and trans person. Finding a tutor who feels comfortable to work with can be difficult. Amanda has made me feel more than comfortable and been consistently supportive.
Sep 28, 2022
Terry Young
118 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Amanda has created a free ebook that's a wonderful tool to help her students learn Portuguese. I highly recommend it, and I use it as a reference to help me remember those foundational parts of how to speak Portuguese.
Feb 4, 2022
Gerry Weitz
26 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
This is now my second lesson with Amanda..... and I am equally pleased. I've had almost 2,000 hour long lessons on iTalki, so I think I can judge pretty well. Amanda is definitely the "cream of the crop!" Amanda is quite smart, yet without arrogance. She understands the educational process without being didactic about it. She is wonderful when it comes to sharing as well as listening. As she mentioned, she loves stories, and I love her stories. Today, I gave Amanda more background on my family and she shared stories about her family. I loved the photos she shared of her travels in Latin America. I'm hoping to here more about her home town of Maceió and that region of Brazil. Amanda is really quite remarkable (see my prior review). Amanda, thanks for being "a mentsch." That's a Yiddish term for a person who has real character, who independent of level of intelligence, is a truly decent, goodhearted person. See you very soon for both Portuguese and Spanish lessons.
Aug 14, 2020
1 Portuguese lesson
Amanda and I had a really nice first lesson togehter. She seemd really patient with me as a beginner ! :)
Nov 28, 2023
Sergio Abazola
3 Portuguese lessons
Muy buena experiencia aprendiendo lo básico del portugués.
Nov 17, 2023
Odette Adams
1 Portuguese lesson
Eu gosto muito da aula, e acho que vou aprender muito com Amanda.
Nov 13, 2023
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