Akan Twi teacher Perry Obeng

Perry Obeng

Professional Teacher
Akan Twi
Professional and certified Twi Teacher with over 9 years teaching experience. Patient and flexible.
From GhanaLiving in Accra, Ghana (22:47 UTC+00:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Aug 24, 2020
Hi my name is Perry. I am a professional Akan Twi teacher. I was born and raised in Ghana. I come from Kumasi in the Asante Region. I Like reading and sports. I have been a twi teacher for the past 9 years. I aim to make learning fun and interesting. I will help you learn twi,through building vocabulary, learning useful phrases and understanding the most relevant grammar that you can use everyday. I will make the language easy for you to learn.

Akan Twi Lessons

Trial Lesson
90 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Conversation practice for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

140 lessons completed
USD 13.00
Twi For Beginners
A1 -  C2


194 lessons completed
USD 13.00
General Twi
A1 -  C1


81 lessons completed
USD 13.00
Kids Twi Lessons
A1 -  C2


40 lessons completed
USD 10.00
Twi grammar Lessons
A1 -  C2


1 lessons completed
USD 13.00
Translate English to Twi
A1 -  C2


1 lessons completed
USD 13.00


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100 Reviews

Student Andrea Kwamya
Andrea Kwamya
6 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am a Ghanaian woman born in th US who forgot the Twi learned during childhood. I am starting from scratch, and decided to have my first complete lesson with Perry. During the lesson, he was very organised and supportive. Perry gave me lots of positive re-enforcement and made sure I had plenty of time for review to feel confident before moving on to the next step. I'd definitely recommend. The real fun starts after the trial for sure! (The italki link was not working, and he was very accomodating to switch to zoom and find a solution.)
Mar 19, 2021
Student waju
27 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Perry was very organized and polite during our trial run. I look forward to learning more Asante Twi with him!
Dec 6, 2020
Student Leroy Kraku
Leroy Kraku
34 Akan Twi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am currently learning basic sentences and pronunciation of Twi words. I like to ask many questions to obtain an understanding of the Twi language. So far, Perry has been patient with me during our sessions. I look forward to my next lesson; Perry has planned to give me a verbal test and we will watch a Twi video for additional practice. I like variety in my lessons. This helps me to learn faster and retain more.
Nov 1, 2020
Student Anniwaa Buachie
Anniwaa Buachie
3 Akan Twi lessons
It was a lot of fun! He is patient and very funny!
Apr 6, 2024
Student Justin Norwood
Justin Norwood
2 Akan Twi lessons
An exceptional lesson on the Twi alphabet, vowels, consonants, digraphs, and diphthongs! With confidence, I can now fluently read Twi with precise pronunciation. I am delighted with the lesson and eagerly anticipate the next one. Highly recommend booking a session with my talented Twi tutor from Ghana! 🇬🇭
Apr 5, 2024
Student christiana arkorful
christiana arkorful
2 Akan Twi lessons
Mr. Perry seemed eager to help me and even started giving me suggested advise on channels and shows to watch to help with the process.
Mar 5, 2024
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