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Ciao, and welcome on board!👋 My name is Germana! 🎯 I am a CEDILS Certified Italian Teacher with a Master's degree in Languages for Communication in International Enterprises and Organizations 🎯 I have over 3 years of experience teaching online 🎯 I love languages and communicating with people from different contexts 🎯 I studied English and Spanish at university and I know that studying a foreign language is like having an incredible journey! 📚 currently studying French 🎯 If you want to get to know me better, I create video lessons for Italian learners on YouTube (Italian with Germana) and on Instagram (@germanasantarelli).

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56 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Germana is an excellent teacher. She is a certified language instructor also fluent in English (although we do not speak English together), and so she understands an English-speaker's challenges in learning Italian. Each of her lessons involves reading an article or watching a video on some interesting aspect of Italian life, which permits me to learn new things about Italian culture while also improving my vocabulary, listening and speaking. I started lessons with Germana as an intermediate student, with a decent knowledge of grammar but with a limited vocabulary and a need to increase fluency. I feel I have made steady progress with Germana. She is a very intelligent and positive person, and I always look forward to speaking with her.
Mar 21, 2023
Hidde Zijp
61 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
La lezione è stata come sempre molto istruttiva, interattiva e personalizzata in base alle mie necessità. Germana è super disponibile, professionale e riesce sempre a motivarmi! È un'insegnate molto preparata e riesce sempre benissimo a trasmettere le sua conoscenza della lingua italiana e anche della cultura, infatti mi racconta spesso aneddoti e interessantissime curiosità culturali. Da quando ho iniziato le lezioni con Germana ho notato un miglioramento decisamente significativo e consiglio vivamente di prendere lezioni da lei! Oltre a essere un'insegnante fantastica è anche una persona gentile e simpatica, che prende a cuore gli studenti e che si interessa alle loro storie e culture differenti. Consigliatissima!
Jun 11, 2022
Matthew Aaron Ford
21 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Germana is a phenomenal Italian teacher. I've been studying with her since September and for each lesson she has provided thoughtful and customized materials, such as articles, songs, and video clips. Most importantly, she is a great conversationalist with a fantastic sense of humor, so our conversations are always flowing and natural. One of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language, for me, has been overcoming my insecurities. Germana has always made me feel comfortable and confident even in the moments I struggle to find words or meaning. Highly recommend!!
Mar 9, 2022
Lupe Coronado
75 Italian lessons
Ti ringrazio Germana per tutto quello che hai fatto, per la tua pazienza e per tutto l'aiuto. Sei davvero una insegnante eccezionale. Un grande abbraccio.
Oct 19, 2023
Lupe Coronado
75 Italian lessons
Grazie mille Germana, ottima lezione come sempre.
Oct 5, 2023
Evan Jan Williams
6 Italian lessons
Grazie Germana! Le tue lezioni sono state fantastiche!
Jul 5, 2023
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