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italki teacher since Jun 16, 2020
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My name is Jayashree Jagannatha. I live in Mysore, India. I am a teacher/ freelance translator.

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Introduction and Greetings - Alphabets


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Beginners' class level 2
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48 Reviews

Laura A.
28 Kannada lessons
Jayashree explained clearly the difference and uses of AAGU and IRU verbs, illustrated the explanations with clear examples in different contexts which was very helpful, then gave me some expressions/proverbs using those verbs with the meaning and how it is used. We finished by a nice text about India's independence, which I have loved ! Love my classes with Jayashree avare!
Sep 28, 2023
Laura A.
28 Kannada lessons
VyakaraNa today... Jayashree has helped me with the conjugation of AAGU and IRU and how it is used, we took examples of some contexts it could be used in, and at the end she gave me a proverb to try and understand for the next class. Nimma sahaya tumba dhanyavadagaLu Jayashree avare!
Sep 21, 2023
Laura A.
28 Kannada lessons
Great lesson, I came with a song I like from KannaDa radio, "Mouna taaLite" and asked Jayashree avare to help with the meaning of the lyrics, she explained in details the grammar, the implied subject, the sentences framed in a poetic way where the subject is at the end of the sentence rather than at the beginning, she also explained how "series of verbs" work to describe several actions that happened successively, in present and past tense. She explains "vyakaraNa" (grammar) very well, and I am so glad I found her, I get solid foundations of the language with her, which I thought I would never find with the lack of resources for KannaDa language here in Europe. Grateful for such a great teacher!
Sep 15, 2023
2 Kannada lessons
My trial lesson with Jayashree was focused on understanding my goals and what I wanted out of future lessons (grammar/speaking). She has already taught me useful vocabulary and explained the nuance between similar words (e.g. santhosha vs kushi). She is very experienced and I am excited to continue my learning journey with her.
Sep 15, 2023
Poorvi Acharya
10 Kannada lessons
Yet another excellent lesson with Jayashree-ಅವರೇ. We have been reading some very interesting articles about society and history, and I have been getting practice parsing long adjectival clauses in Kannada.
Aug 29, 2023
Laura A.
28 Kannada lessons
Jayashree's class is my motivation to get up on Friday mornings! Today I got her help to understand the meaning of a song, she is very patient in letting me try to guess the meaning by myself, then helps me with the different words I do not understand, then I get another chance to translate. This is hard work but exactly what I need. Jayashree is very knowledgeable about her language, she always provides the root verb which is super helpful to memorize and re-use in another context. I love her way of teaching, and her classes in general! Highly recommended!
Aug 18, 2023
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