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πŸš€ 2,600+ Lessons over 5 years | K-pop πŸ’– lover | Lessons available in EN | Degree from Top 20 Univ.
FromΒ Republic of KoreaLiving in Seoul, Republic of KoreaΒ (22:57Β UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Aug 3, 2020
Interest topicReadingHistoryMusicFilms & TV SeriesFood
πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈμ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„ μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”, λ§Œλ‚˜μ„œ λ°˜κ°€μ›Œμš”! πŸ“š Study with a government-certified tutor to learn authentically. πŸ“š As I was born and raised in Seoul, you will hear and attain the standard Korean. πŸ“š You will receive a quality lesson with practical lesson materials. (PDF books, audio files, flashcards, etc.) Welcome😊 Are you looking for the most fun and effective way to learn Korean? Congratulations on visiting the right tutor.πŸ‘πŸ‘ I am passionate about languages, and most of all, I love teaching Korean. I hold a bachelor's degree from Kookmin Univ., Seoul, and completed a post-degree program from a state college in Canada.

Korean Lessons

Trial Lesson
38 lessons completed
USD 7.00+
πŸ‘‹ ν•œκ΅­μ–΄ 문법: Basic Grammar for beginners
A1Β -Β  A2


232 lessons completed
USD 15.00+
Package with 2% off
πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ ν•œκ΅­μ–΄ νšŒν™”: Conversational Korean (corrections & feedback)
B1Β -Β  C2

Conversation Practice

283 lessons completed
USD 15.00+
Package with 2% off
✍🏻 μž‘λ¬Έκ³Ό νšŒν™” : Writing & Speaking
B2Β -Β  C2


100 lessons completed
USD 28.00
Package with 1% off
🌈 Customized Lessons: TOPIK test, K-POP, Biz Korean, etc
A1Β -Β  C2


4 lessons completed
USD 28.00
Package with 1% off


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184 Reviews

Student Ellie2080
81 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
She’s very nice and accommodating. I’ve never felt judged by her, and I feel very comfortable speaking to her. The classes are engaging and packed with information. I look forward to every class, and it has made my journey with Korean so much better.
Nov 2, 2021
Student Kayla Raghunath
Kayla Raghunath
35 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
everything is going really great in the classes. i'm learning a lot of new words and new ways to form sentences and day by day i'm getting more comfortable with speaking it even though i still doubt myself sometimes
Feb 6, 2021
Student Fernando
96 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks for the lesson today teacher, you are teaching me so many useful things and for that I am very grateful to you. I feel more confident to ask about my doubts because I am a very shy person so sometimes I would keep my doubts at the beginning but not any more. Thanks for letting me built that trust and for answering all my doubts even when they are not related to the lesson! I have a lot of fun every class and the time flies. I hope one day I can make you proud by being able to go to Korea and brag that my korean is great because I had a wonderful teacher!
Nov 24, 2020
Student Kylie 🌸
Kylie 🌸
1 Korean lesson
I felt very shy and awkward as it was my very first Korean lesson ever, but she was very patient and encouraging throughout the lesson.
Jun 9, 2024
Student Jan Michael
Jan Michael
4 Korean lessons
μ œμŠ€μ”¨ uses the Topik1 practice exam material and the Socratic method in facilitating answer selection. She encourages questions and participation. Overall she has a calm demeanor and highly encouraging.
Apr 27, 2024
Student Cwy
3 Korean lessons
First lesson and I’ve decided to stick with this teacher for long🫑 haven’t learnt/ practiced Korean in a very long time and it’s VERY rusty… I pray that I will be consistent and I believe eventually see results with Jessμ„ μƒλ‹˜β€˜s help.
Mar 17, 2024
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