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I'm a qualified native British English teacher and confidence builder for kids, teens and adults.
From United KingdomLiving in London, United Kingdom (11:22 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 25, 2021
Interest topicFoodTravelArtEnvironment & Nature
Hello, my Name is Thirzah. I am an ESL confidence builder for kids, teens and adults. I teach my students how to be confident using their English with improvements to meet their individual learning goals. I am a qualified British native ESL teacher, from London, with over 7 years formal teaching experience. Therefore, I believe in giving my students homework, speech coaching and support with test preparation, presentations and functional language. As well as helping them with conversational skills for traveling and other fun cultural experiences. I have been teaching other subjects, coaching and training others to achieve their goals for over 12 years. I love to travel, read and animals.

English Lessons

Trial Lesson
61 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Business English for Adults
B1 -  C2


72 lessons completed
USD 26.00
Package with 4% off
Adults Intermediate to advanced English including speaking, reading, listening and writing.
B1 -  C1


574 lessons completed
USD 24.00
Package with 6% off
Idioms and Phrasal verbs to help Adults with fluency and lexical skills.
B2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

158 lessons completed
USD 26.00
Package with 3% off
Test Preparation IELTS or TOEFL for adults and teenagers.
B1 -  C1

Test Preparation

186 lessons completed
USD 21.50+
Package with 6% off
BEGINNERS English including Speaking, listening, reading and writing.
A1 -  B1


99 lessons completed
USD 19.00+
Package with 2% off
Teenagers using Zoom $22 for 30 mins of Intermediate to Advanced NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Speaking, listening, reading and writing.
A2 -  C1


132 lessons completed
USD 22.00+
Package with 9% off


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163 Reviews

Student Anna
11 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Having lessons with Thirzah is helping me become more and more confident with the use of English in business situations. She's always professional and considerate. She's able to share interesting material, find the right connections with everyday contexts and be fun as well. Always at ease during lesson time!
Mar 15, 2024
Student Mad Max
Mad Max
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
We are very lucky to choose Thirzah as a teacher, is like to have a daughter who teach us English!
Jan 15, 2024
Student cherry cheng
cherry cheng
118 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
She teach so well, very specific and easy to understand . Also, she has a lot of patience with your questions and able to explain and answer them well.
Mar 1, 2023
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