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💁‍♀️スピーキング力を上げたい方向け 👩‍🏫日本語教師歴7年 🅰️英語対応OK 🗾千葉、埼玉、大分育ち(方言もOK) 👩‍🎓外語大学卒業(日本語学専攻) 🛫アメリカ、オーストラリアに留学経験あり 🍳料理教室、ホテル、アパレル会社での勤務経験あり(接客、ビジネスマナーが得意) 🥇他社も含め、オンラインレッスンの経験多数 🥇たくさん質問をするので、日本語を話す機会が多く身につくのが早いです 🥇10レッスン完了後、確実に日本語の伸びを実感できます 💁Especially for those who wants to improve speaking ability 🅰️I can speak english 🗾I have lived in Chiba,Hiroshima, Oita 👩‍🎓Bachelor deglee in Japan, Study Japanese linguisstics 🛫Study abroad( US and Australia) 📕8 years experience in teaching Japanese 🏢Experience working in a Japanese company(good business etiquette)

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[Beginner] Conversation practice class
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Conversation Practice

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[Intermediate] Conversation practice class
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Conversation Practice

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55 Reviews

Student Bánfi Richárd
Bánfi Richárd
14 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
She's being such a nice person, her adjusting the way she talks to your level and the fact that she was interested/interesting through the whole lesson makes it a great experience! めっちゃ良い方で助かります!自分の言語レベルに合わせてくれる所や優しく興味深く接してくれるのが有り難いです!
Jul 31, 2023
Student Giovanni Cherico
Giovanni Cherico
14 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Aya is very professional and makes the lesson fun. With the Knowledge that I have, we started to play a game of how many Japanese Prefectures I know. Once I started to name the prefectures, she helped me learned how to spell each one. I was also taught some common Japanese slang and I learned how to better introduce myself, as I wasn't sure how to introduce myself, but Aya helped me by positive reinforcement. Overall, I had fun, and with her lesson it motivates me more to learn more Japanese than what I previously wanted to learn!
Jul 10, 2023
Student Charlotte
9 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Aya - sensei is always very kind and supportive. I'm at a point now were I can understand Japanese when it's spoken to me but I cannot speak it very well myself. Aya is very helpful and I'm getting better at speaking because of her. Thank you!
Jun 2, 2023
Student Aaron Bentley
Aaron Bentley
3 Japanese lessons
Another great free conversation practice with Aya-san! I am getting much more comfortable with listening and speaking.
Jun 21, 2024
Student Aaron Bentley
Aaron Bentley
3 Japanese lessons
Another wonderful lesson with Aya-san! She's making sure I am ready for my upcoming trip to Japan!
Jun 18, 2024
Student David DeKime
David DeKime
2 Japanese lessons
レッスンは本当に楽しかった!ありがとうございます 😊
Jun 18, 2024
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