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Easy and fun but made progress. Come and see :)
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Hello, my name is Yanawut Paeyai you can call me "Arty" It's my English nickname. I teach Thai language on italki I was born in Thailand and live in Nonthaburi near Bangkok. From my teaching experience. I found most students want to develop THAI speaking is. Number 1. Want to pronounce word clearly. This part can be improve by practicing follow the correct voiced. And another way is to practice reading aloud in Thai more often To make familiarity And agile. Number 2. Want to hear and most understand interlocutor. This requires knowing more vocabulary for understanding when chatting with people. And have to practice listening often it improve your hearing and understand. ...... ...... .

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Student Lea Heikkinen
Lea Heikkinen
20 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Khun Arty is very very good at making student relax, speak away and enjoy the conversation even when student is having difficulties remembering words or structures etc. I'm always surprised what I am able to say in Thai with some encouragement, even if it is clumsy.
Mar 18, 2024
Student Ksenia มิ้นต์
Ksenia มิ้นต์
23 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Had a wonderful lesson with Kruu Arty. Kruu Arty very patient teacher and friendly person. ฉันชอบบทเรียนกับครู Arty เพราะว่าพูดคุยเรื่องน่าสนใจ แล้วฉันก็รู้จักเรื่องใหม่เมืองไทยและพูดคุยภาษาไทยดีขึ้น ขอบคุณมากค่ะครู🙏
Mar 15, 2024
Student Matt
34 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had a lot of lessons with Kru Arty over the past couple of months. I have really enjoyed them all. They were all customized to practice exactly what I asked for and they have been so useful in improving and revising my Thai. A big thank you to Kru Arty - who has been kind, fun, helpful and well-organised throughout. I look forward to more lessons with him.
Feb 24, 2023
Student Phil
13 Thai lessons
Arty can explain well all questions asked , he's very good as a thai language teacher !
Jun 16, 2024
Student Thomas Larrey
Thomas Larrey
2 Thai lessons
Great first session with Arty who had been encouraging me speaking Thai with the few vocabulary I have for now. :)
May 23, 2024
Student Hannah B
Hannah B
36 Thai lessons
I am learning to read Thai and I highly recommend Kru Arty. He is an excellent teacher. He is very patient and encouraging. He is always well prepared for my lessons and is very open to changing the focus of upcoming lessons as needed. He is very flexible with his schedule , given our 14 hour time difference he has made it easy for me to schedule my lessons.
May 2, 2024
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