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Boost your Brazilian Portuguese with me 🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
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italki teacher since Nov 22, 2021
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I come from the beautiful city of Curitiba 🇧🇷, but currently I live in Wales. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I have a passion for exploring different cultures and languages, and I enjoy travelling to broaden my horizons. 🌍 Animals hold a special place in my heart 🐾, and I'm surrounded by them on a farm, including cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and geese. 🚜 Apart from teaching, I have also authored a book that teaches Brazilian Portuguese. 📖 Teaching on Italki allows me to share my knowledge, connect with students from all over the world, and foster meaningful exchanges. 🌐

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166 Reviews

Student Ivan S
Ivan S
70 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yan has a natural gift for teaching, and a warm and encouraging personality to go with it. I felt comfortable and supported from the very beginning, which was important for me given my foundational level. I also found Yan to be very well prepared and structured in his lessons preparation. He has an ideal system for note taking during the lesson, and in doing so preparing homework to study for next time. I'm extremely grateful to have found Yan as my teacher in Portuguese at this early stage in my development, and I'm excited to make this review for posterity, so that when I make my next review after 50-100 lessons, I can confirm the progression I made from my current A1 level! I am convinced that I will have made progress I could only have dreamed of (no pressure, Yan!) I guarantee that you will be delighted with your choice of teacher, if you trust Yan in your language learning journey. Thanks so much once again, I'm very grateful!!
Jan 22, 2024
Student Dasha Kalinikina
Dasha Kalinikina
31 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yan é o melhor professor de idiomas com quem já pratiquei! E uma pessoa incrível. Ele realmente tem talento para criar um ambiente de prática hospitaleiro e descontraído. Com ele, desde a primeira aula, havia a sensação de que falar português não era nada difícil. Ele atende perfeitamente às minhas necessidades de aprendizado de idiomas e, se você não tiver certeza de como desenvolver sua prática, ele tem ótimos materiais, é um ótimo ouvinte e fará você falar. Yan, muito obrigada! Parece que estou conversando com meu melhor amigo. Essa conexão que temos é definitivamente mais do que apenas aulas de português. Abraços, amigo do meu coração!
Jul 26, 2023
Student Eduardo
7 Portuguese lessons
Every lesson just gets better as you work out what you need and like. It is hard to speak so much but I already feel my Portuguese improving thanks to the great work Yan does every week!
Jul 15, 2024
13 Portuguese lessons
The screen quality was worse than usual during our class due to the bad connection,which made me a little frustrated.Apart from that,the classes with Yan have been really satisfying.
Jul 8, 2024
13 Portuguese lessons
Tento transmitir o que quero dizer, mas acabo cometendo muitos erros ou não consigo encontrar as expressões que quero usar, o que me deixa estressado😅Como posso resolver esse problema? LOL Estou ansioso pela próxima lição!
Jun 9, 2024
Student Eduardo
7 Portuguese lessons
Another great lesson, really good class for my goals and I am excited to keep going. He is attentive and caring about what you want and need and very knowledgeable on how to help.
Jun 4, 2024
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