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Hello! Welcome! Before requesting a lesson, please remember to say hi and answer my questions first. I'm here to help, but let's not forget that we're not robots - a little bit of courtesy goes a long way. I am passionate and careful when it comes to teaching. I enjoy other cultures, but I also love teaching French online, as it is my native language. I speak both English and Brazilian Portuguese fluently. I graduated from SciencePo and the Sorbonne University, which are French elite institutions. I have previously worked for companies in executive positions, the Government as a senior civil servant, and on many voluntary projects. I love sports, movies, music, philosophy, nature and ITs.

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General # from A0 to C2 → a safe place to (re)start
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Career # from A2 to C2 → what you need for your job or business
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Pronunciation # from A1 to C2 → enhance the way you speak French
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Exam # from A1 to C2 → the best way to pass TCF or DELF-DALF certifications
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Test Preparation

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Teenager # from A0 to C2 → French for the 13-17 years old
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Group # from A0 to C2 → learn with your partner, family, friends or colleagues
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384 Reviews

Student Ken Mosesian
Ken Mosesian
42 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alexis challenges me to be my best, every class, every time. He is always well-prepared. He takes notes, provides a written summary after class, and anytime I'm struggling during class, he takes the time to make sure that I understand the concept before moving on. He's created an extensive library covering virtually every aspect of grammar, and can instantly share a document to assist my mastery of the language. To top it off, he's a genuinely caring human being. Alexis has my highest recommendation.
Jun 17, 2024
Student Graham Dickson
Graham Dickson
178 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alexis crafted an excellent series of classes around my interests that helped me both to improve my French level but also keep me highly motivated. I never expected to be able to take French classes so uniquely tailored to my interests. It was a great series of classes on a subject I’d talk about in both English and can now talk about in French! Alexis has been able to take me from A0 to B1 classes and it has been great fun (and hard work) on that journey. I’m looking forward to getting onto the next set of lessons.
May 20, 2023
Student Xiao
82 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alex is the best French teacher that I have ever met. He tailored the teaching materials so as to meet each student’s need and abilities. For me, I am interested in topics of international law, and it is amazing that Alex could prepare before each class study materials on topics of international law (including practices of reading, writing, listening and speaking) and tailor them to my French level. This is a fantastic experience. Such a way of teaching also motivates me to spend more time on French extracurricularly, and I can see clearly my improvement. I highly recommend him.
May 12, 2023
Student Margie
40 French lessons
I have been working with Alexis for over a year and a half and it has been an absolute pleasure. I've tried so many teachers over the years but what makes Alexis stand out is not only his skill in tailoring lessons precisely to your needs, an overall great human to relate with. With him, I've learned more than just the French language but also a lot about integrating in a new country, art, politics, etc. He is really motivating and inspiring to constantly do better each time.
Jul 14, 2024
Student Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts
71 French lessons
Bon exercise sur le discours rapporté indirect au passé !
Jul 12, 2024
Student Emily
6 French lessons
Fun lesson 😊
Jul 11, 2024
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