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◈ WHY REN ◈ GRAMMAR AND ORAL JAPANESE SPECIALIST SENSEI ⁕Native Japanese speaker from Kyoto (can teach Kansai dialect as well) ⁕Qualified Japanese Teacher; Graduated from Osaka University, majored in Japanese Language Education (Considered as the same diploma with completed all the requirements of Japanese Teacher Training Course Over 420 hours and Passed the Japanese Teaching Competency Test) ⁕Over 5 years of teaching overseas experience including head teacher experience both in class and private ⁕Experienced all levels N1-5 Japanese Language Proficiency Test-teaching ⁕All PPF materials are custom-made and can be adapted to suit your specific requests ⁕Love: Game, Manga, Travel, Yosakoi

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323 Reviews

163 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ren sensei is simply amazing. From the first lesson I took with her, she not only took the time to create a personalized lesson plan for me, but she also got right on trying to figure out how my brain works. She wanted to figure out the best way to teach me as an individual. I've taken lessons with Ren sensei for almost a year now, and my language skills have improved exponentially due to her individualized teaching methods and explanations. And now, I live in Japan and she has done so much to help me inside and outside the classroom. I cannot recommend her class enough if you want an amazing teacher and a wonderful friend.
Jul 12, 2022
Julien D.
107 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ren-sensei is very learner-focused and a highly skilled teacher. She masters digital tools and this makes online lessons that she gives the best that I have taken. I find it even easier to learn online than in-person in this case, which is surprising. Lessons are a mix of conversation, exercises and listening. Ren-sensei is also very good at adapting to my needs as a student and considers my knowledge and level in each lessons. This makes learning smooth and effective. It is also interesting to be able to talk about daily topics. No occasions are missed to learn on points related to our discussion. We have small tests when I am ready after each chapters of Marugoto that allows me to set points for review in my learning. I don't always have time to review lesson vocabulary with Anki, but, because of how the lessons are designed and the review that we do in the discussion part at the beginning of each lessons, I never get lost! Can't wait to continue learning with you!50 lessons already!
Oct 2, 2021
Patrick Roche
66 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've had over 10 lessons with Ren so far and she has been a very helpful from the beginning. We worked out a plan together based on what goals I was aiming for and then we got to work right away. Ren explains everything in a way that's easy to understand and I found myself reading and speaking basic Japanese very quickly. During our lessons, she uses different learning resources and media to aid with learning, this approach is has worked very well for me especially with regard to the Kanji aspect of Japanese. Ren is a brilliant teacher and hopefully we can continue to do a lot more lessons in the future :) ありがとうございます!
Feb 17, 2021
36 Japanese lessons
I have been having lessons with Ren-Sensei for a year now, and I can’t recommend her enough as a teacher! My Japanese has improved so much since we started having lesson together! Ren-Sensei makes lessons approachable and fun, and she is very patient, kind and supportive. She also adapts her approach to meet my needs, provides homework, sends through notes after every lesson and is always very happy to answer questions. If you’re like how I was and nervous to start Japanese lessons, I would definitely recommend Ren-Sensei – I can’t imagine learning without her now :D
Nov 16, 2023
5 Japanese lessons
Ren sensei is very supportive and patient. She always provides instructions and encourages me to talk. She also provides materials thay I can reviews, and corrects my homework carefully. So far, I really enjoy her lessons.
Nov 13, 2023
32 Japanese lessons
I have had lessons with Ren Sensei for a few months now, and I can’t recommend her enough! Having grown up with a teacher, there are some qualities that really differentiate a good teacher from a great teacher, and Ren is incredible! During my time learning with her, she’s continued to adapt the lessons to my goals. She’s patient, fun, and very knowledgeable. Each lesson she has measured what I struggle with, and she finds ways to help me improve. I also ask a lot of questions, and she dives right in and thoroughly explains everything. Also, her energy makes the lessons even more enjoyable! No matter what level your Japanese is, I guarantee Ren Sensei will help!
Oct 23, 2023
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