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I am working in an English academy teaching english conversation!
From OtherLiving in Daejeon, Republic of Korea (23:41 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Jan 6, 2022
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Hi guys~ 안녕하세요! 송가온입니다~ 편하게 Karen이라고 불러주세요~ 저는 어렸을때부터 다양한 나라를 여행하면서 자라왔습니다. 이런 경험들이 저에게는 많은 사람들을 만나고 다양한 언어를 접하고 문화를 배울 수 있는 계기였습니다. 저의 이런 경험들을 여러분과 나누고 싶습니다. 언어를 배우는것은 또한 그 나라의 문화를 이해하는 것이라고 생각하는데요, 여러분이 한국의 문화에도 가까워질수 있도록 도와드릴게요! I want to help you guys to speak 'Fluent'. 'Confident', 'Natural' Korean!

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50 Reviews

Student Milla Kastu
Milla Kastu
23 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Been enjoying the lessons with Karen! I feel we get a lot of done in such a short time. I like having this tiny bit of chitchat during the lessons where I can listen (and even understand) Karen speaking in Korean and I can answer in Korean with best of my abilities. Other than that, the lessons are very structured and it's nice knowing what will happen and that every lesson is moving forward. Really enjoyable class-style and I believe it can evolve nicely with my skills.
Feb 14, 2023
Student Jay
9 Korean lessons
Learning Korean with Karen has been enjoyable. She is patient and encouraging. She is also great at adding context to help you understand the lesson better, and will adjust the lesson speed based on how well you understand each lesson. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
May 22, 2024
Student Jonathon Matthews
Jonathon Matthews
9 Korean lessons
I’ve really enjoyed learning Korean with Karen. She make each lesson engaging and fun, and her patience and encouragement have helped me improve. Karen has a great way of explaining things clearly and making sure I understand. I highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to learn Korean.
May 15, 2024
Student James
9 Korean lessons
Classes with Karen for the last couple months have been going great! Karen is very flexible in adapting to my learning style and we've been doing a combo of free talk conversation and structured learning. Karen uses a more casual speech (not formal textbook), so it's great exposure to everyday Korean. After the free talk, she teaches from some conversations she made, which are very casual and practical for using with friends-- which is pretty cool, and unique imo. Karen is always super patient and encouraging, as well as always goes over each word in the sentence, and still checks in if I have any questions. All in all, she's awesome!
May 15, 2024
Student Arielle
2 Korean lessons
선생님은 인내심이 많고 친절해요! 우리의 수업이 즐거웠어요! 감사합니다 :)
May 6, 2024
Student Julia
1 Korean lesson
Karen was a very wonderful and helpful tutor. She explained concepts in a very clear way. I enjoyed my lesson with her and would recommend her as a fantastic teacher to anybody who is interested in learning Korean language and understanding more of the culture.
May 2, 2024
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