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italki teacher since Nov 13, 2020
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I'm a bahasa Indonesia tutor with over 10 years of teaching experiences. I hold a master degree on language learning and teaching from a reputable university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. With my experiences and educational background, I hope I can help you enjoy your bahasa Indonesia learning journey. I'm friendly and open to any kinds of learners and easy to adapt with the characteristics of them. Hope to see you in my lessons. Note: If my schedule doesn't match with yours, please drop a message and let's talk about it.

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Bahasa Indonesia for Beginners
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Bahasa Indonesia for Intermediate and Advanced Levels
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Indonesian Grammar
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75 Reviews

Chris Burghard
80 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hesti is a good teacher Bahasa Indonesia. This was the first lesson through Italki, but i've had many lessons from her in the past through another provider. She is always cheerful and very motivating. I can now hold a conversation fairly well in Indonesian without feeling insecure, thanks to Hesti!
Feb 3, 2022
1 Indonesian lesson
My first Intro lesson. I will have a few more lessons and then see if Hesti can help me learn in a style that works for me. So far so good. 😊
Feb 24, 2024
Gabor Devenyi
3 Indonesian lessons
Another great session with Mbak Hesti. She understands my level of knowledge and giving me activities that are challenging, but solvable. I definitely feel how I am improving and it's very rewarding. Thank you Mbak Hesti.
Feb 22, 2024
Chris Folley
15 Indonesian lessons
Terima kasih Mbk Hesti. Aku senang sekali untuk bertemu lagi. Salam, Chris.
Feb 20, 2024
Gabor Devenyi
3 Indonesian lessons
Hesty is a great teacher. Very easy to have a conversation with - but she also has a plan, so our lesson is much more than just a friendly chat. We covered quite a few topics and I got familiar with a lot of new words. I also managed to fix some of the words that I didn't use correctly. I highly recommend her.
Feb 13, 2024
Gabor Devenyi
3 Indonesian lessons
What a great first experience. Hesti was not only super helpful, but got the best out of me. Loved our first lesson and I will definitely continue with her. Terima kasih banyak Mbak Hesti.
Feb 6, 2024
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