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To whoever was not frightened by my introduction video - Hi everyone, welcome to my online classes! :D My name is teacher Andrea, and I would be more than happy to learn new things with you! :) I have been an online English and Serbian teacher with over 5 years of experience. In my free time, I love watching anime, movies, and tv shows, I love travelling and learning about new cultures, and I love meeting new people! P.S. Even though my schedule doesn't look available, please do not hesitate to send me a private message so we can talk about the best possible timing that suits us both :)

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6 Reviews

Student Peter
16 Serbian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning with Andrea is a joyous blast! We went straight into the session with a little catch-up from last time and spoke about various topics with 'M'. From Magic to Mars (the planet, not the snack) and across the Galaxy. I really enjoy the natural way our conversation went. Andrea summed it up so nicely - it feels like speaking with a friend. The time passed in no time and we covered a lot of ground! After two sessions in, I look very much forward for our next conversation :-)
Jan 6, 2024
Student Zach LeDay
Zach LeDay
4 Serbian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Dec 6, 2023
Student Paul Berrué
Paul Berrué
1 Serbian lesson
Teacher’s pick
Andrea was really bubbly from the begining, She managed to make me talk a lot in Serbian which I don't usually do. It was actually really instructive and fun class! She also gave me tricks to memorized some words, I totally recomend her!
Dec 5, 2023
Student Peter
16 Serbian lessons
I like looking back to our last session and remembering what we were speaking about. I like looking forward for our next session, as 'who knows what we'll speak about tonight?'. Well, thats the kind of anticipation I like - you have no clue whats going to happen, but chances are fairly good, that its going to be awesome... again!
Jan 24, 2024
Student Peter
16 Serbian lessons
When it gets better and better, you should continue! From speaking about travel and how stressful travel can be, to the different contexts of cigarettes and smokes and how smoking can be either social or distractive... we covered lots of ground! And the devil is always in the detail. Having my third lesson with Andrea I recognize her lighthearted professionalism and how she not only keeps track on our conversation (translating words - providing context and continuing the thread of our conversation), but also to say: our classes feel like a conversation you have with a friend sharing a coffee. That is to my taste! :-)
Jan 17, 2024
Student Peter
16 Serbian lessons
Draga Andrea, Prva Liga *thumbs up* Vidimo se! For the distinguished reader, in the Trial session with Andrea we had a lively conversation about my background, interests, cultural understanding and differentiation of the kind of: 'there is a difference between 'understanding' and understanding - kapiras? - or more adequate: razumijes? Further we investigated the possibilities of 'sipka' and how they relate to 'modrice' and that there is a fine difference between 'playing' and 'dancing'. This finally lead to an exploration of the word 'pajdasa', the meaning of its rootword and that context really matters. And we even took some time to make this trilingual! English, Juzno and French! Mais francais, c'est le shock! Finally, Andrea skyrocketed my motivation by giving me a level up! She regards me as rather B2 than B1 - which I highly appreciate! My final evaluation is a recommendation! <3
Dec 28, 2023
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