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🔥Do you want to speak REAL Korean like a native?🔥 ▪ When I read Korean textbooks and watch videos, I see some unnatural words and expressions that native speakers don’t use, especially in old books. ▪ The most important thing about learning Korean is to communicate with Koreans. So I want to teach you the REAL Korean that we actually use, how to speak naturally and how to pronounce accurately. ▪ If you want to learn REAL Korean, I’ll teach you step by step. Are you ready to have a natural conversation? Let's get started! Check out the more information below👇

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Chng Theng 庄婷
8 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
모닝쌤, 오늘 수업을 너무재미있다. 모닝쌤 수업을 감사합니다! 그녀를 적극 추천해요! Ty 모닝쌤. HEHE, I use Papago to translate it for the last line in Korean. It's also my first time typing in Korean. Tbh I'm bad at typing AKA making my own sentences LOL but still, hope yall understand the Korean AHHA >< Today's class was great. 모닝쌤 was patient enough as I sent her the wrong PDF file. I tot(thought) I sent her the textbook but she said she will use the workbook to teach me first. The class was energetic and fun :D I highly recommend her! I think she's the only teacher that lets us customise our class. As long as we sent her a PDF file, she will be willing to teach us :D Not many teachers uses Seoul National University(SNU) Textbook and I not sure how to scan too. Luckily I got Ewha Korean and got the PDF ver on Shopee. Is rlly hard to find a teacher to use SNU so I'm really grateful to have 모닝쌤 to let us use books we want. I can't wait to book another lesson with her agn! Ty 모닝쌤!! 💖💖
Aug 23, 2021
Ellen S.
11 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Morning is a truly fantastic teacher! We have been meeting for several months now and our classes are always fun and productive. We are able to stay in Korean for most of the time. Morning is great at keeping the conversation going. She also expertly converses with me at my level, a skill that truly makes her stand out above the rest. I always leave our classes with many new useful words, phrases, and a boost in my language learning confidence. I can tell my Korean speaking has been improving significantly. Thank you so much, Morning!
Aug 22, 2021
17 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I´ve really enjoyed my classes with 모닝 선생님! It is such a good opportunity to get some speaking practice. 모닝 선생님 is very patient und friendly. She´s very good in keeping the conversation flowing to make you talk. I love that she provides you with a topic and corresponding questions beforehand and a feedback sheet afterwards. I definitely recommend her classes :)
May 24, 2021
Richard Ahn / 안호성
3 Korean lessons
I had a great lesson with 모닝 and I had a lot of speaking practice! I really appreciate how she asked me a lot of questions and was very patient. She also writes all the vocab I was not familiar with in the chat and sends a file after the lesson recapping everything I learned. I am looking forward to the next lesson!
Dec 5, 2022
miguel rivilla
1 Korean lesson
She was really wonderful! I was initially very nervous but she made me feel comfortable right away. I have big goals for my Korean learning and I truly feel she was a great fit for me! Thanks so much Morning! :)
Dec 5, 2022
2 Korean lessons
좋아했어요. 항상 재미있는 수업
Dec 2, 2022
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