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italki teacher since Feb 17, 2021
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Hello, I'm Michelle 😊 ♦️ Over 8 Years of Professional Teaching Experience (4 Years in University Classrooms + 4 Years Online). ♦️ 4 Years of Teaching Experience at Korea University & Konkuk University. ♦️ Conducted +6000 Online Classes since 2021 on italki and Verbling. ♦️ Friendly, Positive, Supportive, and Easy to Talk to. ♦️ Teaching Style: Customized, Patient, Interactive, Fun, and Relaxed. ♦️ Main Goal: Developing Students' Language Output Skills.

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404 Reviews

Student Stephanie
165 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Michelle (Minji) is an excellent teacher. I am learning so much more than I did in a class. The materials she develops are great and she builds the lessons well, with extension that are geared to what I want to learn. She is flexible, patient and very encouraging.
Apr 19, 2024
Student Davy
7 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I always look forward to studying Korean with Michelle! She is very experienced and knowledgable with a bright and encouraging personality. She curates the lessons to my life experience and learning goals, and always gives me helpful vocabulary and phrases that I can use in daily life right away! She creates a comfortable class atmosphere and provides many opportunities for me to practice and improve my speaking skills. I highly recommend this teacher!!
Apr 5, 2024
Student John Little
John Little
219 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Michelle is everything you would hope to find in a language teacher. I'm always amazed at how invested she is in my progress. Knowledgeable, professional, caring, fun - she is just the best.
Jan 6, 2022
Student Carl
59 Korean lessons
Today, my lesson with Michelle, my italki Korean language teacher, went very well. Throughout the lesson, many times I asked her to explain further the grammar points that she taught during today's lesson as well as to explain the differences between Korean words that have the same dictionary meanings, but which create different pictures in the minds of native Korean speakers, and she did a magnificent job each time. I asked for explanations many times during today's lesson and each time Michelle understood exactly what I was asking and then proceeded to give excellent explanations. I can't say enough about Michelle's English language skills and her ability to explain the Korean language in depth. I would readily recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning the Korean language whether s/he is a beginning learner or someone who has been studying the language for some time. I know that they will not be disappointed.
Jul 14, 2024
Student Carl
59 Korean lessons
I have not had a Korean language lesson with my Teacher, Michelle, for about two weeks due to my moving, but today during our lesson she was as usual cheerful, caring, focused and totally dedicated to my learning the Korean language. Today she explained a particular Korean grammar point which was somewhat difficult for me to understand, but she explained it in such a way that I have a good, basic understanding of the point. To more fully understand the grammar point, I will need further study, but Michelle's explanation of the point today will help easier for me to more fully understand it. Throughout my journey to learn the Korean language, Michelle has been consistently encouraging and patient with me and she has been able to explain the small nuances of different Korean words that may have the same dictionary meanings, but which have different meanings to native Korean speakers. I would unhesitatingly recommend Michelle to anyone interested in learning the Korean language.
Jul 7, 2024
Student Stephanie
165 Korean lessons
Michelle is an excellent teacher. She has well planned lessons and materials, and is very kind and encouraging. She has helped accelerate the process of learning Korean. I am more confidant reading and more comfortable speaking. I always look forward to our lessons.
Jun 29, 2024
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