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Do you want to speak english or enjoy it, but are scared or shy to try? Are you looking to have regular, informal english conversations? Do you enjoy topics such as - current events/crime, business, healthcare, social problems, etc? Do you need to get a raise at work, but in order to, you need to improve your english language skills for a better position? Are you getting ready to travel to an english speaking country and want to have some great phrases to use when you are visiting? I really look forward to meeting you so that we can help you gain confidence and improve your english conversation skills. This will be YOUR class, YOUR time, and all about what YOU need to get out of it!

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894 Reviews

Student Helen
93 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really like Beth`s lessons. She`s open-minded, patient, kind and very supportive. Her lessons always well-organized and she prepares entertaining, relevant and useful material to every lesson. She`s very interesting person to talk to. I like the way she thinks when we discussing pictures and imagine stories behind them. She always encourages me and I learnt a lot from her lessons. Thanks:) Looking forward next lesson :)
May 16, 2020
Student Elizabeth Chen
Elizabeth Chen
63 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The lessons have helped me a lot, especially my confidence level. I had an interview last month, and it went well and smooth. After many interview practices with Beth, I felt pretty confidence and prepared at that day, I was able to answer all the interview questions smoothly. I just heard back from the interviewers, and I receive the offer from them! Beth always encourages me to speak and believes I can do it. I still take the lessons with Beth because I enjoy the classes with her and I want to continually improve my communication skills.
May 16, 2020
Student Marcin
64 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Today we talked about various methods we can use to elevate our language skills. In other words, we were learning English by talking about how to do it. I'm glad that Beth is such an open-minded person and always willing to create kind of a safe space where I can feel comfortable and ready to take on any challenge I come across. I already can't wait for another lesson. Thank you, Beth, for today and see you on Friday :-)
Mar 18, 2020
Student CN1202
1 English lesson
beth is a really good teacher!
Jan 20, 2024
Student Anastasia
1 English lesson
Amazing class! highly recommend
Feb 7, 2023
Student Francesca
1 English lesson
I’m very satisfied for today lesson. It was the first one. I’d like to continue. Beth it’s very professional and also kind and sweet. She makes you feel confident. Highly Raccomanded! 👍🏻
Apr 24, 2022
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