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📖 First, we'll develop a custom story for our exploration. We'll use AI-generated images on an interactive whiteboard to create an immersive learning environment 🖼️ 🔬 I'll guide you through this story using the TPRS method. This approach helps reinforce comprehension and expression. The use of pictures and vocabulary notes will facilitate sentence construction and encourage your active participation 🧠 The aim is to immerse you in the language in a way that optimizes your ability to assimilate new information. Every interaction will contribute to strengthening your skills💡

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82 Reviews

Student Sas Butler
Sas Butler
41 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Once again; Pierre is awesome. Today my head was not screwed on right and so I asked him to talk to me so I could practice listening. He jumped right in and told me some ridiculously entertaining stories, and when I didn't understand something I would repeat the unknown word, he would make a note for the anki deck he creates every lesson, and explain what the word was in English before continuing his story. Really entertaining and fun, despite myself being low energy. Thanks Pierre!
Mar 18, 2022
Student Alizarin
11 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I remember the first class with Pierre, I was nervous when it came to speaking French just like any learner would be. After each of the first two classes I went to bed immediately afterwards because I was exhausted from the effort of trying to speak. I struggled at first but after a few lessons I felt less tired after each class, as I was improving. I felt more relaxed as my confidence grew. He encouraged me to overcome my nervousness about speaking. He also provides plenty of media for further study. At this point, I'm still learning but at least I can communicate with ease after completing just 10 classes with him. I would highly recommend Pierre.
Mar 17, 2022
Student Daniel Pap
Daniel Pap
5 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Pierre is great, he is very patient and has created an innovative method to teach French. I am confident that he will greatly improve my French skills. I can fully recommend him!
Jan 31, 2022
Student Frankie
4 French lessons
J'apprécie toujours mes cours avec Pierre. Aujourd'hui, nous avons créé une histoire amusante à partir d'une image. Merci, Pierre!
May 8, 2024
Student John
4 French lessons
Cela semble être exactement ce que je cherchais. Structure. Méthode. Mais en exploitant le pouvoir de l'imagination et de la créativité.
Apr 26, 2024
Student Marco Narajos
Marco Narajos
5 French lessons
It was my first lesson on iTalki and Professeur Pierre instantly made me feel at ease. He assessed my language through ordinary conversation which made things less anxious. He wrote down phrases I was getting wrong in the chat throughout which made me feel less of a need to write things down. As a teacher myself, I like that his teaching includes mixing immersion with French media and using flashcards as well as generating natural conversation. He also has an interesting background which makes it easier to have a discussion with him as a French coach/tutor rather than as a formal teacher.
Apr 7, 2024
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