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Full-time teacher, coach and polyglot. Flexible, professional, ❤️ passionate ❤️ and 🔥 energetic 🔥.
From BelgiumLiving in Madrid, Spain (12:36 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since May 28, 2021
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I am a multilingual language teacher, language coach and polyglot, passionate about languages, language learning and teaching. ⭐ teaching since 2011; first in Italy and now in and from Spain ⭐ with an official language certificate ⭐ able to explain grammar in an understandable way ⭐ always on the lookout for interesting videos, articles, songs and games for my students ⭐ being a language student myself here on ITALKI helps me to be a better teacher ⭐ languages aren't always easy but language learning can definitely be FUN Languages are my PASSION and teaching is my VOCATION. If you want to improve any of the languages I teach I might be the teacher you have been looking for.

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370 Reviews

107 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been learning French with Kenny for quite some time now. This is the tutor who I strongly recommend to those trying to learn how to speak le Français (and any other of the multiple languages that Kenny speaks). Just a few reasons why I think so: - Kenny is patient, so you're not afraid to speak with mistakes in the beginning. On top of that, Kenny is just an interesting person to talk to, which makes lessons feel less boring/formal. This greatly helps you to set the wheel in motion when you're starting off - My program/ study plan with Kenny is personalized into a mix of exercises (drilling) and entertaining materials (like videos/audios). This way it is balanced and you don't feel bored of "just doing stuff". - Importantly, Kenny leaves notes for each of the lessons which you can come back to after the lesson to go over the material and thus learn it better.
Aug 31, 2023
80 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kenny is one of the best teachers on italki. I have had over 3000 classes on italki with many teachers but few of them could understand and explain the grammar of multiple languages in such detail. I study several languages with Kenny and he helps me understand the connections between more than 3 languages to a high degree. He understands the nuances and details behind each language and can draw comparisons. He is very intelligent. So if you wish to be articulate, have a rich vocabulary, and develop skills to speak extensively on any subject then I would highly recommend this teacher.
Aug 24, 2023
86 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
An incredible teacher, Kenny is just as capable of teaching languages that he's not as native in, such as French, as the other languages. After 86 French lessons with Kenny, I can safely say that I made a great choice. Overall, I think Kenny's best attributes are his attention to detail, memory, and technical prowess. A speaker of more than ten languages, he lends great breadth and perspective to the table. He is as much a learner of languages as a teacher, which gives him an edge in that he knows how to tailor lessons towards specific people, gauge their strengths and weaknesses, and modify the classes accordingly. Kenny is a top, top teacher and I would always recommend him!
Jul 18, 2023
Wendy Mazursky
123 Italian lessons
More than just a language teacher, Kenny is a language coach. I remember when I first started taking Italian lessons with him about two years ago I'd feel super nervous before and exhausted (in a good way) after. After over 100 lessons I feel confident and look forward to our weekly hour together. As language learners we are all striving towards fluency, but gaining confidence in your own ability is just as important. That's what you'll get when you work with Kenny. Also, it is fantastic to work with a polyglot because he can guide you in multiple languages at once. He has inspired me to learn French, and now I'm learning French through Italian thanks to his encouragement.
Feb 22, 2024
45 French lessons
Kenny is such a great teacher!I love my Italian/French lessons with him.
Feb 19, 2024
5 Flemish lessons
I will start to sound like a broken record because Kenny is AWESOME! He is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and always pulls in relevant examples. Dankuwel Kenny!!!
Feb 19, 2024
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