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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my profile. Apa kabar? I hope you are doing great today! I'm Alvit, a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) & Bahasa Jawa (Javanese). I'm currently living in Yogyakarta, a lovely city everyone misses (or so people say). I have a lot of passion for teaching Bahasa Indonesia to foreign speakers and it's been my dream since I was in high school. I have bachelor's degree in Indonesian Language and Literature Education with concentration in Indonesian for Foreign Speakers. I was also a tutor for foreign students in my university.

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150 Reviews

Giulia Bianchi
19 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm satisfied with my Indonesian teacher Alvit ! The lessons are light-hearted, enjoyable, and packed with learning. I get to practice what I learn right away, and the pace is perfect. The teacher is patient, and kind, and creates a comfortable environment. I've already purchased a lesson package and highly recommend trying this tutor. I feel at ease and can't wait to learn more!
Jul 14, 2023
53 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alvit is an excellent teacher. She is very patient and helpful, and has the ability to explain vocabulary and other concepts in multiple ways so you are able to understand.
Dec 12, 2021
Jas M
77 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alvit is incredibly patient and kind, she is clearly very adept at teaching Bahasa Indonesia to English students. She used a variety of techniques in our first lesson including a worksheet, question/answer components, and the whiteboard tool to ensure that I was able to retain what she was teaching. I have previously found it very difficult to learn Indonesian from listening as my previous teacher at university spoke very fast, however Alvit ensured that she spoke very slowly and clearly so that I could hear each syllable and word, and helped me with word pronunciation. I struggle with word order when constructing sentences and already I feel like I have learned more in one lesson with Alvit than I did in an entire year with a university teacher. I would highly recommend Alvit for both beginner students, and students who have already studied Indonesian. Makasih banyak Mbak Alvit!
Nov 10, 2021
mark kuipers
17 Indonesian lessons
Another great lesson! Keep up the good work :)
Dec 16, 2023
10 Indonesian lessons
Thank you for your continuous encouragement! We really see our improvement Al-Hamdulilah !
Nov 12, 2023
21 Indonesian lessons
Thank you so much alwayssss
Oct 30, 2023
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