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Hello, my name is Caroline, I'm Brazilian. I love teaching and sharing knowledge with others. I do volunteer work and I have many dreams. I really like to get to know new cultures and see how the difference among us makes each person unique. When we learn a new language, it's not just a matter of learning new words, but we learn a new way of thinking. So I like it. Brazil is big that's why there are many different cultures. Haiti has very friendly people and you will love to get to know more about this country and its people.

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131 Reviews

Haitian Creole
Student italki263821
98 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Caroline is simply amazing! She is extremely patient, which creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere . She is willing to explain things as many times as necessary, which is truly valuable.
Dec 4, 2023
Student Danny Ferrone
Danny Ferrone
148 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
todos os lessons que faco con Caroline...aprendo muito! aprendo palavras novas, pronuncia, coisas interesantes sobre brasil e sua cultura. Caroline e uma otima professora, ela tem uma abilidade como identifica come que voce aprende e quilo que voce gosta de estudar o intender mais, e ele crea um lesson asim. isto muito feliz con os lessons con Caroline, e voce vai ser tamben!
Jun 26, 2021
Student Grace
24 Haitian Creole lessons
Teacher’s pick
Caroline is very patient with her students and easy to follow her program! I truly recommend others students also to take her class, she makes sure her students are learning in a natural conversational matter! If you are serious about learning Creol, don’t hesitate in taking her class!
May 24, 2021
Student Olívia
11 Haitian Creole lessons
Caroline is a wonderful teacher. She is engaging and friendly. She explains the material in a manner that allows someone to understand how locals speak, helping you gain a better vocabulary and grammar for a more fluent and natural conversation.
Jun 17, 2024
Student Gemma Brough
Gemma Brough
25 Portuguese lessons
Another fun and engaging lesson with Caroline. Learning lots about Brazil as well as language learning which is very interesting!
Jan 26, 2024
Student Robert
16 Portuguese lessons
I always enjoy my lessons with Caroline and learn many useful practical expressions each time. Caroline is calm and patient and encourages me to speak and engage in conversation. I appreciate that she corrects my mistakes when necessary and encourages me to use Portuguese rather than English wherever possible. She is professional and caring and I highly recommend here as a teacher.
Jan 22, 2024
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