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Nishant Singh

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Tutor With 5 Years Of Experience ( Conversational Specialist - Kids Favorite )
From IndiaLiving in Delhi, India (09:06 UTC+05:30)
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italki teacher since May 4, 2021
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"Namaste! I'm Nishant, a native Hindi teacher from India. I have been teaching students of all age groups for the last 5 years, providing them with online lessons as well as offline lessons. I believe in making the journey of learning Hindi enjoyable, interactive, and culturally enriching."

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26 Reviews

Student Charity
13 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have taken several lessons with Nishant. He always gives his best effort and is very focused on helping me reach my goals. I have been taking online lessons for years and have found the best tutors on Italki are the ones who have a teacher's heart and are willing to make friends and have real conversations and share about their life, culture, etc. with you so you can actually learn the language and not just the words. You will find this with Nishant. Highly recommend!
Apr 9, 2024
Student Oren
5 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nishant ji is a great person and teacher! after only two classes i can say that he is a very good teacher. The way he teaches is very simple to understand and methodical and he is fittings the lessons to my exact needs as a returning traveler and lover of india. Thank you Nishant!
Mar 6, 2024
Student Kazlyn
16 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've only been learning Hindi with Nishant for a month, but I already feel like I have learned more than I was expecting. It is clear that he put in his absolute best to teach every lesson. His positive attitude and enthusiasm on teaching hindi allows me to understand it easier and faster. He tests me on the meaning of different phrases and sentenses at the start of each lesson, which helps me to recall concepts and better comprehend how I'm learning. His detailed feedbacks also helps me identify where I should concentrate my efforts.
Aug 22, 2023
Student Terrence Rutledge
Terrence Rutledge
1 Hindi lesson
This guy is great! 10/10 recommend for best Hindi lesson
May 6, 2024
Student Anton Hedlund
Anton Hedlund
11 Hindi lessons
Nishant is a really good a friendly teacher that helped me a lot with my Hindi practice
Apr 22, 2024
Student JH L
3 Hindi lessons
We had a wonderful class, and ended with homework.
Mar 14, 2024
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