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💖CTCSOL certificate teacher; 🎈3years of Chinese teaching experience; relaxing class atmosphere
From ChinaLiving in Harbin, China (01:43 UTC+08:00)
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👑CTCSOL—Certificated Chinese teacher 💎Mandarin 2 A Certification 🥇3 years of teaching experience as a Chinese teacher online 🥇 beginner-advanced 👧Hello, I'm Leya.Thanks for checking my profile. I'm from Harbin, a beautiful city in northern China. I am a native Chinese speaker. I graduated from Harbin Normal University and got my Master's Degree. Teaching style: relaxing atmosphere, encouragement Materials: 《HSK1-6》,HSKK,《YCT1-6》 ,《博雅汉语》 ,《 Developing Chinese》,500+picture books,etc. I have a lively, cheerful, and caring personality. Students describe me as a good teacher who is passionate about teaching and patient with students. Welcome to book Chinese lessons with me:)See you soon!

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174 Reviews

Student Martha(TEFL Teacher)
Martha(TEFL Teacher)
76 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lessons with Leya are always amazing and give me many opportunities to talk in Chinese about various topics. I feel like my Chinese vocabulary and confidence are improving with every lesson. I've taken many lessons with Leya, and other Chinese teachers on italki, and Leya is definitely one of the best ones!
Jan 3, 2024
Student Tarn 佳琳
Tarn 佳琳
21 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been learning with Leya for so long and I think she is very calm and supportive. She's very nice and well-prepared in every lesson. Thank you so much ^-^
Nov 14, 2022
Student Sarah (蕴媛)
Sarah (蕴媛)
81 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Leya always offers genuine encouragement and praise. She told me today that she has noticed great progress in both my speaking and reading abilities, which makes me so happy. Thank you Leya for your wonderful lessons!
Aug 7, 2022
Student ahappy9554
14 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Leyla is a great teacher , she always brings unique lesson plans . I always enjoy my lessons with her .
Apr 14, 2024
Student ahappy9554
14 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
I always enjoy my Chinese classes , I love how the teacher always chooses different and interesting topics.
Apr 3, 2024
Student Elson 艾力
Elson 艾力
95 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Your patience and encouragement have helped me stay motivated even when faced with challenges. Your passion for teaching Chinese is evident in every lesson, and it has inspired me to continue learning and improving. Thank you for your commitment to helping me succeed. I feel fortunate to have you as my Chinese teacher, and I look forward to continuing to learn from you.
Mar 21, 2024
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