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To celebrate reaching 2000 lessons on italki, I'm preparing a surprise! Stay tuned!
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To celebrate reaching 2000 lessons on italki, I'm preparing a surprise that will boost your Amharic to the next level! Stay tuned!

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229 Reviews

Student Paul
65 Amharic lessons
Teacher’s pick
So awesome! I not only did I have fun, but Nadir challenged my brain! Nadir has a truly remarkable way of teaching, and you do have to put in the work to make it work. He is a very talented, and intelligent man. I'm so honored to be able to learn Amharic! This is fun, even though it's not an easy language for an English speaker like myself to learn. Once you get going, you'll catch on more, and more. Remember that a language doesn't necessarily translate to your native language. A new language is about interpretation. Immerse yourself in the culture, and foods, and most of all the people! With time, and patience you will be successful! Nadir is so helpful with the materials he sends me, and from there I must listen, and read, over and over. He really impressed me, because he went above, and beyond teaching me. I used to be a little doubtful, but now I am certain that in time, with hard work, fluency is very attainable. Don't ever give up. I love me some Habesha! God bless you!!!
Aug 21, 2021
Student Tomas Miguel Monstad
Tomas Miguel Monstad
12 Amharic lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nadir is a quite enthusiastic and supportive teacher , who want you to reach your goal in a funny way and make the lessons understandable and likeable. Previous Ethiopian teachers have been considered way too serious and old schoolers who have a closed mind to how to teach a language but Nadir seems to have broken that code with humorous, engaging tasks and subjects.
Jul 27, 2021
Student Susan S
Susan S
12 Amharic lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nadir is one of the best language teachers I have met! He is very organized and thorough and sends great resources which he has made. Amharic does not have a lot of resources available for English speakers, so everything he has made is even more precious.
Jul 11, 2021
Student Abdullahi Mudei
Abdullahi Mudei
1 Amharic lesson
Great Teacher
Mar 15, 2024
Student Paul
65 Amharic lessons
ጥሩ ትምህርት ነበር። Always a great lesson with Nadir!
Mar 10, 2024
Student Paul
65 Amharic lessons
Another great lesson with Nadir!
Feb 18, 2024
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