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✴️TEFL & TESOL Certified, teaches INDONESIAN for TEENS & ADULTS, A2 to B2. Speak English fluently.
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italki teacher since Jul 16, 2021
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I'm Lisa. I'm a TEFL and TESOL certified English teacher. I've been teaching English for over 6 years, but I have been speaking English for over 22 years. I am enthusiastic, and passionate about teaching. My hobbies are editing videos, driving, watching anime, movies, cooking, playing video games on console/mobile, and listening to music.

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23 Indonesian lessons
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new words /sentences kata-kata baru / kalimat What ingredients do you use to prepare your gado gado? (Asking to a street vendor) Bahan apa saja kamu pake buat bikin gado-gado? What is the recipe for gado gado? Can you teach me? Resep gado-gado apa? Bisa ajarin aku? Is this fried? Can you avoid to use fried ingredients? Ini digoreng ya? Bisa tolong hindari bahan-bahan yang digoreng? Did you receive my message on Whatsapp? Udah terima pesan saya di WhatsApp? I sent you a message on Whatsapp, did you read it already? Aku kirim pesan di Whatsapp. Udah baca, belum? We should definitely meet to hang out in the city center Kita harus ketemu untuk hangout di pusat kota I'm looking for an host in Singapore for one week, do you have possibility to host me? saya lagi cari tuan rumah/tumpangan untuk satu minggu di Singapura, kira-kira ada kemungkinan nggak untuk membiarkan saya numpang? dianggap: considered lebih milih: prefer Mandem: keeping feelings inside limpahan: great flow
Nov 24, 2023
25 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lisa also gives you great insights in the Indonesian culture!
Sep 1, 2023
Seongja Lee
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lisa is an exceptional teacher. Always kind, helpful, warm, open-minded and funny. You can trust her in any way. She will always encourage and support you. If you would like to upgrade your conversational skills, she has got everything you need.
Sep 3, 2022
4 Indonesian lessons
Kalissa is a very experienced professional teacher. This enables her to adjust perfectly to the student's way of learning. Her personal style is structured while being warm and emphatic. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to gain competency in Bahasa Indonesia at any level.
Dec 5, 2023
5 Indonesian lessons
Amazing class! I've had multiple teachers before, but with Kalissa I feel like I really get to understand the language.
Nov 28, 2023
Alex Rojas
7 Indonesian lessons
I was unsure of where to start with my learning journey and Lisa helped guide me towards material more suited to my level. After my first lesson, I could immediately tell that she was a very dedicated and professional teacher. She's very patient, kind and makes me feel comfortable during our classes. She always pushes me to use as much Bahasa Indonesia as possible. So if you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia, don't hesitate to give Lisa a try!
Nov 22, 2023
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