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A Swahili lover helping all learners find their passion and voice in Swahili.I'm the Swahili girl:)
From KenyaLiving in Nairobi, Kenya (18:31 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 14, 2021
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📓 Masters student in Swahili and African languages 📓7+years of experience teaching Swahili 📓2+ years of experience teaching Swahili online 📓Loads of classes with students from different backgrounds 📓 Specialized in teaching adults/teens/kids 📓 Customized classes for all Swahili levels 🎓 Top Courses offered 🎓 🏅Swahili for beginners ❄️ More relaxed & confident conversations ❄️ Better vocabulary ❄️ Improved pronunciation ❄️ Improving your speech ❄️ Interesting & creative topics to discuss 🏅 Swahili Tenses & Grammar Practice for Intermediate ❄️ Accent reduction ❄️ Master fluency 🏅Advanced Swahili for Conversation 🏅Swahili for kids

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Swahili for beginners
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Swahili Tenses & Grammar Practice for Intermediate
A1 -  C2


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Advanced Swahili for Conversational Practice
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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Swahili for kids
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78 Reviews

Joy Cheru
5 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
My Family and I feel so fortunate to have found italki and then on top of that to have found a great teacher who not only is an excellent teacher but also my daughter loved and is looking forward to learn from during the next class. Been Kenyan born and raised,I speak broken Swahili and every attempt I have made in teaching my daughter who is American born Swahili has failed. I found italki online and found Miss Weru ,loved her intro and my daughter immediately picked her .During class we had technical difficulties and she was so patient with us and even helped us troubleshoot,I thought since lesson time had passed that she wouldn’t teach but she still taught her,We are so excited to be on this journey and to have some consistency with the same loving teacher.I could tell right away it was going be great and I can finally practice with my daughter.She doesn’t even want a play date on Saturday morning coz she is looking forward to learning Swahili. I hope this app lasts a long time!
Jan 7, 2024
Latoya Cunningham
6 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Today was my 30-minute trial class with Shelmith, and I have decided to take more classes with her because she made learning relaxing and fun! I am a complete beginner Swahili speaker, so I was a little nervous going in. However, not only did I learn important things about pronunciation, letters used in Swahili, and greetings, but I learned about the history of the Swahili language. I left the class motivated to study, practice, and come to the next class prepared to learn more! Thanks Shelmith!
Oct 2, 2021
Marisa Nina Ocean
127 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mwalimu Shelmith is outstanding! She teaches perfectly to my level and my style of learning. I love how she breaks down words and goes deep into the meaning and story behind them. She teaches interesting vocabulary. She is also so friendly and energetic. She comes prepared and has good subject material. I really enjoy our lessons!
Jul 8, 2021
10 Swahili lessons
Great as usual!
Jan 6, 2024
10 Swahili lessons
Always a great and informative class.👨🏾‍🎓
Dec 30, 2023
1 Swahili lesson
Trial lesson was really great. Made to feel accepted and like learning quite a bit of Swahili was possible. Teacher had a good plan that sounds doable! She was very warm and it was fun.
Dec 23, 2023
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